Around the World and Back Again

In this week alone, we can travel quite far through film and music. Leave your passport at home and join us for a taste of something new!

This Wednesday, Tinariwen will kick off their summer tour through the US at our Historic Theater. This hypnotic band began when Tuareg exiles and rebels explored music from Morocco, Algeria, and the West (including greats such as Elvis, Led Zeppelin, Carlos Santana, Jimi Hendrix, and Bob Marley). Moving throughout the Sahara region, the group’s popularity took off through word-of-mouth and soon became the music festival favorites they are today. Masters of the guitar and full of power, Tinariwen became my go-to for awesome music and I bet it will for you, too.

Going a little farther East, you can follow the journey of a young monk from India to Tibet in Becoming Who I Was, where he hopes to reclaim his status as Rinpoche (a reincarnation of a high-ranking monk). This journey has a ticking clock—he must make it to his original monastery before time runs out. Not only is he facing doubt about his lineage, but also grueling elements in his trek over the Chinese-controlled border…Join us this week for the rest of this documentary’s showing at The Loft.

Next week, join us in welcoming English singer-songwriter Olivia Chaney to the Loft for an eclectic and lovely performance. And in August, we are so excited for Brazilian samba superstar Seu Jorge to perform at the Historic Theater. If you’ve seen The Life Aquatic…, you know his smooth, Portuguese covers of David Bowie, but you’ve got to hear his original Brazilian pop, too!

See you in the world!