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We Filled the Hall—and then some! Community

We Filled the Hall—and then some!

An astounding arrangement of Gather reusable bags filled the Hall and created a rainbow in the Historic Theater on June 22nd this year. Once again, Portsmouth came out to show its pride for its community and to support local kids and organizations during Fill The Hall.  Read More Read More
Gathering Strength Community

Gathering Strength

It’s our fifth year partnering with Gather for the Fill the Hall Food Drive on Saturday, June 22. The concept is simple, bring a bag of food to the Historic Theater anytime between 9am and 3pm, and put it on a seat. Read More Read More
Bright and Bountiful, Fill The Hall Was a Success! Community

Bright and Bountiful, Fill The Hall Was a Success!

This year’s Fill The Hall was a colorful sight! Bags in a rainbow of colors sat full in the balcony while a team of volunteers expertly sorted, collected, moved, and filled throughout the orchestra. Kids lead other kids through the steps (when they weren’t building forts in the banana boxes), and adults hooted and hollered when trucks loaded with groceries drove up the brand-new street. Read More Read More

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