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Show & Tell: Echo in the Canyon Show & Tell

Show & Tell: Echo in the Canyon

Well, summer is in full swing, my tomato plants are catching up after a slow start and I finally got my feet into the ocean today. And to make things even better The Music Hall is serving up some very tasty movies for our dining and dancing pleasure. Read More Read More
Show & Tell: The Mustang Show & Tell

Show & Tell: The Mustang

First, I want to give a big shout-out to Mother Nature for sending a load of crap weather our way. Even as devoted a movie enthusiast as I would have had to think twice about heading to The Music Hall for a movie and leaving the warm sunshine behind. Wait, who am I kidding? For the right movie, I’d ignore the Super Bowl. But you knew that already, right? Read More Read More
Show & Tell: Hotel Mumbai Show & Tell

Show & Tell: Hotel Mumbai

Last month, we held a discussion of Cold War, a movie that explored the fate of love and art in a repressive dictatorship. Then, last week, it was a discussion of Diane, a movie that examined the consequences of a betrayal and one woman’s inability to deal with her own guilt. Each film was a cinematic masterpiece, and ranked high on critics’ lists of the best movies of the past year. Read More Read More
Show & Tell: Gloria Bell Show & Tell

Show & Tell: Gloria Bell

Sometimes the calendar is on your side and sometimes it wants to give you a wedgie and throw you down the stairs. Long story short, family travels will keep me from discussing Gloria Bell on Wednesday. The change from our usual Tuesday schedule was an early attempt to get around my necessary absence, but it didn’t work.  Read More Read More
Show & Tell: Cold War Show & Tell

Show & Tell: Cold War

We live in New England, which means that spring is, as usual, dragging its feet. It’s still too early to plant a garden and sunbathing is far in the future. If you find this kind of weather ideal for going to the movies and you’re in the mood for a disposable comic-book movie at the Mall-Plexx 95, you’re in luck. Read More Read More

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