What’s your summer outlet?

Now that summer has officially arrived, our friends at New Hampshire Liquor & Wine Outlet, our Beverage Sponsor, want to know: What’s your summer fun outlet? Everyone has one. It’s what you’ve been dreaming of doing all winter to relax, have some fun, and enjoy the weather. New Hampshire Liquor & Wine Outlet encourages you to enjoy your outlet, then enjoy theirs.

Temps are rising, and so is the fun—and not just because Live Under the Arch is back. New Hampshire Liquor & Wine Outlet’s Summer Fun challenges are back, too! They invite you to share pictures of you enjoying your favorite summer outlet and you can win BIG.

So, what’s your summer outlet?

Is it hitting the beach volleyball courts? They’ve got a challenge for that.

Trekking up Mount Washington. Yup. Challenge for that, too.

Hosting a BBQ for family and friends? They’ve got a… you see where we’re going with this.

Five challenges will be posted throughout the entire summer; you can visit NHSummerfun.com for more details on the challenges and their spectacular prizes this year.