B2W Software—An Investment That’s Paid Off

Three years ago, Paul McKeon, founder and CEO of B2W Software, posed a challenge: what would The Music Hall do with a significant pledge of sponsorship for three years? It was an exciting opportunity for us to “think out of the box.”

We had recently purchased a new ticketing and fundraising software, and knew we needed to re-envision how our box office worked. The sponsorship of the B2W Box Office allowed us to invest in our services, our staff, and their professional development. The team—Jillian Cook, Drew Lamoureux, and Wes Lovell—have their own specialties in analytics, group sales, and concierge services. Our Director of Ticketing & CRM, Mark Pruett, leads the strategic sales approach and streamlines the financial reporting. While other theaters turn to off-site corporate ticketing agencies, we are able to maintain a full-service box office staffed by local professionals.

Also staffed by local pros and headquartered here in Portsmouth, B2W Software is a premier provider of construction software, services, and solutions aimed to inspire and empower contractors to achieve world-class operations. Paul and his wife Jessica, a Board of Trustees member, encourage the same at The Music Hall.

The beginning of all relationships, whether online or in person, pass through the B2W Box Office. B2W’s investment has made contributions to membership growth, inspired higher levels of giving, fueled ticket sales, provided efficiencies throughout the organization, and led to a better patron experience. We are grateful for their investment.

Gifts from individual donors and corporate partners have the power to transform. In the three years since we inaugurated the B2W Box Office, we have experienced tremendous grown. With more than 600 events annually, we are now welcoming nearly 130,000 patrons a year, up from 100,000 in 2016. Our membership has also increased; our family has grown to 4,250, up from 3,000 in 2016. Our stellar Box Office staff members themselves have grown, and handled this influx with dexterity and grace. We are incredibly proud of the face that this group presents to our patrons, and the hefty return that they have provided on B2W’s investment.

If you haven’t visited the B2W Box Office recently, I encourage you to stop in to see firsthand the power of this partnership – and get your tickets for the next big event at The Music Hall!

If you’re interested in learning how your contribution can make a difference, please contact Gail VanHoy Carolan, Director of Institutional Advancement, at gcarolan@themusichall.org or 603-766-2174.