Backstage Work is Nearly Done!

While the theater has been dark, we continued the renovation and restoration of the theater with some much-needed backstage and infrastructure improvements. Even before COVID-19, we were preparing to fix, upgrade, and expand backstage at the Historic Theater in order to ensure she stood for another 100 years. We created a campaign and raised funds earmarked for this particular project, so they couldn’t be used anywhere else or taken from membership dollars. 

We repaired the Porter Street wall and replaced our aged HVAC system in the Historic Theater. Also on the list of immediate needs was a steel beam and a new set of stairs. In addition to enhancing and doubling our health and safety protocols, and to help mitigate the risks of COVID-19 spread, we are updating the HVAC system in both venues. The new HVAC will have a new fresh intake and will run on a 24hr schedule. There are custom filters for both facilities and we are working on installing a system that is retrofitted into systems like hospitals and gyms. It’s called the iWave system and it is a commercial-grade ionizing system that will help improve our HVAC filters. More information on these safety measures is available on our Reopening page.

We are so grateful to be working in conjunction with the New Hampshire Division of Historical Resources, Auger Building Company, Strogen’s Service Experts, and designer Kelley Larue from Studio KL.