Between the Covers of the Playbill

If you’ve seen a show at The Music Hall you’ve surely seen our Season Playbill, that hefty book of handy information about our programs and our operations. It’s a great resource if you are looking for Music Hall policies, want to know our Board or staff, or like to read about our work in the community. It’s also the place where we recognize our incredible family of members, donors, and partners.

Next time you’re settling in for a show, be sure to crack open this great guide. Beyond helpful info, there are lots of beautiful and clever placements. As we assemble the 2018-19 Playbill, a few have caught my eye.

My current favorite is a placement from The District, which I appreciate for its creative use of the Chestnut Street Arch. I also love The Lighting Center placement, which features a photo of the chandelier in the Historic Theater, the chandelier they donated to The Music Hall to replace the “trashcandelier” of years past. Another great looking placement came from B2W Software, who tied a sweet show business expression to their construction bidding software. “Hats off to The Music Hall,” the placement reads, next to a colorful photo of hard hats.

And of course, you must be sure to flip the Playbill over to see the latest in a long line of Portsmouth Brewery back covers. My collection of Playbills goes back to the 2010-11 season and every one of them has been graced with a gorgeous or comical placement from the Brewery. In 2010-11 it was a simple yet vibrant image of hops. The 2016-17 placement celebrated 25 years of the Portsmouth Brewery and featured a great vintage image of beer-drinking ruffians. Last year they cleaned up their act with a stained glass window reading “Oh, Blessed be the Beer Holder” who, by the way, was holding a beer glass that proudly proclaimed “We Serve All Types.” This year they’ve gone back to simplicity with what looks like an Albrecht Dürer etching of a rabbit – sweetly munching hops – celebrating their “freshly harvested ingredients.”

We are grateful for the generous support of our sponsors and partners. I do hope you’ll take a moment to get to know them – and The Music Hall – through our Playbill. And I’m not just saying that because I spend hours working on this publication and I need to believe somebody opens it up! I say that because inside this Playbill are the good people who make it possible for The Music Hall to fulfill our mission to serve as an active and vital arts center. Their support, along with yours, provides the solid financial foundation we need to present inspiring programs and educational initiatives. Consider your 2018-19 Season Playbill our love letter and feel free to show your appreciation, too!