Bon Mots Bring Us Joy: Between the Covers of the Playbill pt. 2

Theatrical bon mots are a frequent theme in the Playbill, with folks like Allergy Associates of New Hampshire reminding you to see them to prevent disrupting your fellow patrons with coughs or sneezes; Kennebunk Savings declaring The Music Hall “a historic theater that still raises the roof;” and Troiano Wealth Advisory Group encouraging you to invest in the arts.

Referencing the way we get you in front of your favorite acts, Colliers International notes that they put their clients “front and center,” Raka Creative urges you to “put your marketing center stage,” and CR’s the Restaurant invites you for a “must-see performance.” Marcom4, ATA Outdoors, and RiverWorks Printing celebrate their unified trio of businesses by declaring them to be three acts on one stage. C&J is focused not on one stage, but on many, encouraging you to use their Portsmouth to NYC service and “ride from one arts hotspot to another in style and comfort.”

Quotes from great authors and scholars provide added inspiration. Hampton Ford Hyundai reminds us that “art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time” (according to Trappist monk Thomas Merton). Meredith Village Savings Bank and Piscataqua Savings Bank offer additional quips about the significance of art and creativity in life.

And here’s a funny connection: it’s almost as if three of our neighbors had a block party and discussed their placements. Runner’s Alley, a long-term supporter, celebrates the power of (your own) live performance while LaBelle Winery and Lake Street Advisors, two of our newest sponsors, use their placements to highlight the art in their work.

Speaking of work, if you do a little, it might pay off. Many of our Playbill supporters have turned their placements into coupons. I’m not going to tell you which ones, or give you pages where to find them; I’m going to challenge you to really look through the Playbill and see who is supporting The Music Hall—and what they’d like to offer you to recognize your support of The Music Hall. Their support, along with yours, provides the solid financial foundation we need to present inspiring programs and educational initiatives and fulfill our mission to serve as an active and vital arts center for the community. We offer our heartfelt gratitude to you all!

The 2018-19 Playbill is now in the house, so be sure to come by and grab a copy. And hey, while you’re here, consider staying for a show!