Bonjour and Bienvenue to La Maison Navarre!

If you could take your eyes off the action on Chestnut Street for a moment, you may have noticed a lot of work happening at our neighbor’s, La Maison Navarre. The authentic French pastry shop has expanded with the addition of MN Wine Bar – Fromagerie & Charcuterie. That eye-catching glass counter of macarons in the front window is now mimicked in the back by a glass case of exceptional French cheeses and cold cuts, surrounded by shelves of French wines.

Maison Navarre is now open all week, from morning to evening, making it the perfect stop for breakfast (croissants and brioches), lunch (baguettes, quiche, and salad), dinner (wine), and dessert (macarons, madeleines, and fromage).

How could your visit be any better, you wonder? Well, flip over your most recent Music Hall ticket to reveal a coupon good for 10% off your MN purchase! That’s right, in addition to being good neighbors, La Maison Navarre is also a Corporate Partner of The Music Hall, sponsoring our ticket stock.

Don’t want to go alone? La Maison Navarre will be hosting our Director’s Club members (members at the Patron level and above) for an event on Wednesday, October 17. Come have a seat at the new MN Wine Bar, enjoy light appetizers, and connect with your Music Hall community.

To learn more about La Maison Navarre, visit