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Classic Hollywood: Casablanca Classics on Chestnut

Classic Hollywood: Casablanca

Humphrey Bogart told Orson Welles that he was shooting “the worst picture I’ve ever been in.” Ingrid Bergman pleaded with director Michael Curtiz to reveal which man her character would choose, yet with daily script revisions, the best Curtiz could offer was, “Play it in between.” Everyone at Warner Bros. thought it would be a big, fat nothin’ muffin. Read More Read More
Classic Hollywood: Harlow's "Red" Alert Classics on Chestnut

Classic Hollywood: Harlow’s “Red” Alert

“Beautiful women aren’t funny” is a persistent myth in Hollywood that’s news to anyone who’s ever seen Carole Lombard, Lucille Ball, or Marilyn Monroe act up. But if you had only caught Jean Harlow in dramas like Hell’s Angels (1930) and The Public Enemy (1931), you might have dismissed her as just another pretty face with a bodacious bod. Read More Read More

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