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Staff Highlights: Zhana Morris

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Review: Parasite Film

Review: Parasite

It is tough to write about Parasite without giving things away. As soon as you see it, you want to sit down and talk with your friends—but if I talk with you, my friends, I will be cheating you out of a chance to go on the ride. And you really need to go on the ride. Read More Read More
Review: The Irishman Film

Review: The Irishman

Watching The Irishman is as if the main character, Frank Sheeran, is your grandfather in his nursing home, telling you stories of his youth. The film is Frank recounting his life from starting out as a young union teamster before he befriending crime boss Russel Bufalino (Joe Pesci) and becoming an assassin for the mob. Read More Read More
Review: Marriage Story Film

Review: Marriage Story

Typically, I only write reviews for the Oscar Best Film nominees. This review is coming out early because I can’t stand the idea of anyone missing this film and I’m placing a real bet that Marriage Story will receive AT LEAST 4 nominations. I’ll apologize to you personally if I’m wrong. (I won’t be.)  Read More Read More
Classic Hollywood: "Scarlett" Fever Film

Classic Hollywood: “Scarlett” Fever

On December 15, 1939, outsiders arrived by plane to Atlanta. Searchlights swept the skies. The city came to a standstill. Nearly 300,000 people lined the streets. The governor declared a statewide holiday. Schools closed. Businesses shuttered. What on earth was happening? Oh, just the world premiere of Gone With the Wind. Read More Read More
Classic Hollywood: Rhett, She Wrote Film

Classic Hollywood: Rhett, She Wrote

When Gone With The Wind was published in 1936, its author Margaret Mitchell couldn’t have dreamed it would become the year’s runaway bestseller and win the Pulitzer Prize. After producer David Selznick acquired the movie rights, fans would only accept one actor as Rhett Butler: smokin’ hot superstar Clark Gable. Read More Read More

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