Good Morning, Gorgeous

For almost three years, we rented the Loft to CreativeMornings PKX and since last April our own Monte Bohanan has co-hosted the events alongside Raya Al-Hashmi of Raya On Assignment. Now the relationship is getting serious—The Music Hall has become a co-producer of the series, alongside Noelle Grattan (co-founder of the Portsmouth chapter) and the all-volunteer crew. These events now fall under our Innovation + Leadership series and remain awesome.

CreativeMornings PKX is a monthly breakfast lecture series where the guiding principle is that everyone is welcome and everyone is creative. Coffee and nibbles are provided before the event where folks can network and chat. There’s also a 30-second pitch section, where anyone in attendance has the opportunity to share new ideas, plug their new gig, or do a little dance. Then, the main event: the locally sourced speaker takes the stage for a presentation around that month’s global theme.

The Music Hall is excited to be a part of this community-driven series and further help its growth and impact. Could there be a better fit? Check out all of the past talks and see what’s up next at