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Classic Hollywood: What a Character!

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Member Spotlight: Jackie Gadsden and Laurel Dunn Community

Member Spotlight: Jackie Gadsden and Laurel Dunn

When I encounter Jackie Gadsden and Laurel Dunn in the coffee shop to talk about this article, I find them deep in conversation with a gentleman seated at their table. As he got up to leave, I was surprised to hear them exchange “nice to meet yous.” Apparently, he was in town from Hawaii visiting family and had tripped on his way into the shop. The three of them struck up a conversation that led to an invitation to their table. If you ever trip grabbing your morning coffee in downtown Portsmouth, I highly recommend running into Jackie and Laurel. There couldn’t be two more friendly, interesting, and charming women to help get your day back on track. Read More Read More
Sponsor Spotlight: C&J Bus Lines Interviews

Sponsor Spotlight: C&J Bus Lines

We are so pleased to have C&J Bus Lines as a valued partner in The Ogunquit Playhouse at The Music Hall series. As we look toward our 2017 holiday production, Irving Berlin’s White Christmas, The Musical, I had an opportunity to ask C&J President Jim Jalbert a few questions about what he’s looking forward to from this show, his favorite memories from past years, and why supporting the community is central to C&J’s business. Read More Read More
Real Life Revelations from Lady Dynamite’s Maria Bamford Interviews

Real Life Revelations from Lady Dynamite’s Maria Bamford

With a new season of Lady Dynamite about to air on Netflix, the edgy, original comedian Maria Bamford is on a roll. Last year Stephen Colbert named her his favorite comedian on planet earth! We can’t wait for her Portsmouth debut at The Music Hall on Friday, November 10. When Deputy Director of Programming/ Performing Arts Curator, Thérèse LaGamma, caught up with Maria by phone she was in the process of moving from one end of Los Angeles to another.  Here’s what she had to say about mentors, show business, and life. Read More Read More
Preserving Traditions While Pushing Boundaries Interviews

Preserving Traditions While Pushing Boundaries

This summer we are bringing a bit of Mardi Gras back to Portsmouth with the return of The Preservation Hall Jazz Band on Wednesday, July 26. In anticipation of their return Ben Jaffe, the renowned band’s Creative Director took time out of a busy schedule to share his thoughts with The Music Hall’s Deputy Director of Programming, Thérèse LaGamma. Read More Read More
Staging Magic with Ashleigh Tucker Pollock Interviews

Staging Magic with Ashleigh Tucker Pollock

This past month, as you may have noticed, I’ve been on an interview kick here on the blog. It takes me back to my high school newspaper days. Anyway, now that I’ve digressed, or regressed, I love a good interview and this week, I caught up with Ashleigh Tucker Pollock, our Special Events Manager & Rental Coordinator. I get the pleasure of working on a lot of projects with Ashleigh and wanted to learn more about how she creates amazing theme parties, what her design inspirations are, and what her good luck charm is (not to spoil the interview but it turns out, I am, mostly because I’m on the Gala committee but I’ll take it). Check out our interview and make sure to get your tickets for this year’s Gala, An Affair to Remember coming to the Historic Theater’s stage on Saturday, February 11. Read More Read More
Becoming Wise With Krista Tippett Explore and Learn

Becoming Wise With Krista Tippett

I have a confession, I am not a public radio listener. I know, I know, I missing out on a lot of great content, but I just don’t listen to the radio. So in December, when our Writers on a New England Stage producer Margaret Talcott told me that we had booked Krista Tippett, I didn’t understand just how cool it was. After talking to Monte (Director of Marketing and my NPR authority), I took to Google. After reading through several interviews with her and listening to a couple of her podcasts, I was blown away. If you’re like me, and you’ve yet to discover Krista, check out my interview and get your ticket to see her at our Historic Theater on Thursday, March 2. Read More Read More
Cooking up Music Hall Magic Interviews

Cooking up Music Hall Magic

Part of my role in the Marketing Department is that I sit on the Gala Committee. It’s a really fun committee to be a part of, each year we get to brainstorm a theme and then watch it come to life with the help of some amazingly talented people. In the next couple of weeks, I’m going to be introducing you to some of these magic makers who seamlessly carry out the vision of the committee year after year. If you have yet to join us at a Music Hall Gala, it’s a themed party that takes place on stage at the Historic Theater. In past years, we transformed into a prohibition era speakeasy and a 1940s Officer Club, this year will be an “Affair to Remember” on Saturday, February 11, 2017 as we invite you to our mid-century modern cocktail party straight out of Mad Men. Read More Read More
Brett Dennen Returns:  New Band, New Songs Interviews

Brett Dennen Returns:  New Band, New Songs

Singer-songwriter Brett Dennen visited The Music Hall two years ago for a solo acoustic performance. He returns on October 21st with a full band, touring behind his new album, Por Favor. Deputy Director of Programming Thérèse LaGamma talked with Brett about his musical inspirations, and about what to expect at his October concert. Read More Read More

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