Chestnut St – Make a Grand Entrance!

The Chestnut Street renovation concludes this month with aesthetic and safety improvements, as well as a gift of public art from The Music Hall to the City of Portsmouth.

Last fall this public-private partnership between The Music Hall and the city widened the street for buses and vehicles, leveled the sidewalk for pedestrians, and buried utility lines. This spring we added greenery and public seating, creating a pocket park. With non-slick, easy to walk on pavers, this project creates a pedestrian-friendly walkway from Court Street to Portwalk, bringing foot traffic to the businesses along the way.

In addition to these safety improvements, The Music Hall gifted the Chestnut Street Arch to the city, to help make the street more visible, lead the way to the African Burial Ground Memorial Park, and give visibility to the theater. Inspired by Portsmouth’s historic nineteenth-century arches, this piece of public art was designed and built by local artisans, including award-winning artist Terrence Parker. The arch was entirely paid for by dedicated gifts and was the first piece of public art to go through the new Art-Speak vetting and review process.

This project would not be possible without the support of generous donors and the city’s forward-looking vision. Additionally, a huge thank you to the vendors and the whole team behind this effort. It’s been a big undertaking and The Music Hall is incredibly grateful for the collaborative effort made by all involved. See you on the street after the show!