Dog Days of Summer

The dog days of summer can be a bit “ruff” on everybody. But we’ve got the AC on so we don’t mind. In advance of our screening of the NY Dog Film Festival (on Friday, August 9) we’re happy to share with you: The Dogs (and Cats) of The Meowsic Howl.

Zeke (Ashleigh Tucker Pollock)
Smokes (Therese LaGamma)
Bear (Therese LaGamma)
Baxter (Kaitlyn Huwe)
Bootsy (Jessica Griffin)
Caidan & Maisie (Tina Sawtelle)
Remy (Lauren Rosen)
Claudia Jean (Emma Power & Ian Martin)
Sergeant Clancy (Patricia Lynch)
Brandie & Ink (Zhana Morris)
Charlie (Drew Lamoureux)
Belle (Jess Bunker)
Peggy (Sydney Bilodeau)
Joon (Monte Bohanan)
Trix (Sara Turner)
Simon (Chris Curtis)