Donating is a Win-Win!

With Giving Tuesday kicking things off tomorrow, December is the month of giving! Ann Carrns of The New York Times recently highlighted some extra benefits of giving this year, as the CARES Act allows taxpayers to take a deduction up to $300 for cash donations when they file in the spring.

Because the deduction is taken “above the line,” it reduces your adjusted gross income, which determines your eligibility for tax credits and other such deductions. While $300 may not seem like a lot to donate, nonprofits and charities know how to stretch that donation to support their missions and make a meaningful difference. Phil Buchanan, president of the Center for Effective Philanthropy and author of the book Giving Done Right, suggested in Carrns’ article to consider supporting local performing arts organizations. It’s true that The Music Hall, as well as many other arts organizations, have been hit hard by the lack of ticket sales and earned income.

Your gift to The Music Hall will carry more weight this year as we have a matching challenge. To demonstrate their appreciation for The Music Hall, our friends Jen and Eric Chinburg have generously pledged to match gifts made on Giving Tuesday, doubling your contribution.

“We have been Stakeholders of The Music Hall for the past few years and have treasured the organization as an important nucleus for both our social and cultural lives on the Seacoast. With the unexpected impact of COVID-19, we felt catalyzed to help The Music Hall weather the storm and were inspired by the challenge grant offered earlier this year by an anonymous donor. During the summer we were impressed and excited to be able to socialize in a fun and safe manner, with first-class entertainment, during the Live Under the Arch series. We think the decision to move to a cabaret entertainment format for the winter months is creative and inspired, and we look forward to attending many of those shows. Our gift is to express gratitude and recognize the leadership provided by Tina Sawtelle, Gail VanHoy Carolan, and the whole staff and board during this time. Thank you, Music Hall!” — Jen and Eric Chinburg

Please express your support for The Music Hall by making a donation at or call the Box Office at 603-436-2400.