Film Discussion Tuesday Night: Land Ho

But let’s not forget the unassuming little mutt of an independent movie that’s playing in The Historic Theater this week. It’s called Land Ho, and it’s a charmer about two guys in their 60s who set off on a road trip to Iceland (!) to try to get a bit of their mojo back.

Everything I’ve read about Land Ho makes it sound like a hoot. These guys (or at least one of them) can be described as horn dogs, and as they move from urban Reykjavik to the volcanic wilderness, their dialogue is — uh — earthy.

I’m also convinced that one of these guys (it will become obvious as the movie rolls on, I think) is going to be someone who sticks with us. That happens sometimes when a roll and an actor just fuse and create a character that comes back to visit from time to time.

Land Ho is a comedy. But it’s also about guys in their 60s, so I’m assuming that there will be more than a taste of the kind of melancholy spirits that can sneak up on males as their string gets noticeably short. And that’s always a good thing to talk about.

I’m looking forward to Land Ho (and the popcorn and the discussion). I hope to see you there.

Paul Goodwin