Go Green!

We know you appreciate the steps we’ve taken to reduce our environmental impact. By switching to a soda gun and incorporating Bluedrop Water’s beautiful fountain system, we eliminated the use of thousands of single-use plastic bottles a year. We’ve also dropped single-use, plastic straws in favor of strawless, compostable cups. (We do still offer compostable straws “on demand.”) Instead of bottled beer, we opt for aluminum cans, which are significantly easier on the environment than glass. We recycle all we can and compost with Mr. Fox Composting. (Candy wrappers remain the only piece of trash at concessions!)

The green decisions don’t stop at the lobby. We’re reducing our footprint – and discovering savings – throughout our building and beyond. Our new, state-of-the-art HVAC system provides energy savings as well as clean, fresh air. We are transitioning from incandescent bulbs to cooler, longer-lasting, environmentally-friendly LEDs for our stage lighting instruments. By offering digital versions of our Playbill and magazine, we are testing our ability to reduce paper use and exploring opportunities to expand our reach and inspire engagement.

All of this is in addition to our programming, as we regularly host engagements with environmental scientists, nature enthusiasts, scholars, activists, and more. Join us in the Historic Theater on April 20 for researcher of birds and bird migration Scott Weidensaul or view our livestream with activist Erin Brockovich on April 29. Celebrate Earth Day with us and be inspired to be the change you want to see in our world!