Gratitude for Our CARES Act Allocations

On behalf of the Board and staff of The Music Hall, I want to thank Governor Sununu, those who served on and advised the Governor’s Office for Emergency Relief and Recovery (GOFERR) Boards, and all the New Hampshire representatives who recognize and support the role of the arts in creating a thriving community and a healthy economy. We are so grateful for their decision to use a portion of the state’s CARES Act Funds to create a Nonprofit Economic Relief Fund as well as a Live Venue Relief Program; we received essential support through both these programs as well as a Department of Education Student Enrichment Grant. In addition to significantly enhancing our ability to serve the region and fulfill our key objectives, current and future, these funds serve as a strong symbol, a seal of approval, a vote of confidence enhancing the reputation of The Music Hall.

We recognize that our legislators are in a difficult position, expected to address unprecedented issues in these tumultuous times. There are many pressing needs, all areas of spending are under scrutiny, and public dollars are highly competitive. We appreciate their thoughtful, strategic approach to distributing these funds and are so grateful to have them recognize something we’ve always known: investing in nonprofits, and the arts and culture scene in particular, will pay significant dividends as we will help carry the load for New Hampshire’s revitalization. 

COVID-19 has had a devastating effect on our business and our ability to be an economic driver and a catalyst for renewal, challenging The Music Hall in how we will deliver on our mission and preserve institutional assets through a highly uncertain time. Relief funds from the State of New Hampshire are an integral part of the raft we are building to navigate unprecedented waters, helping to secure jobs for our core staff of arts and entertainment professionals through the better part of 2021, preventing additional layoffs, and reducing the likelihood of more substantial budgetary cuts. By allowing us to stay connected with our community and maintain steadfast relationships with donors and corporate sponsors, these funds put us in the best position to contribute to the Seacoast region as conditions change.

To all of you who advocated for these funds on our behalf, and on behalf of all the organizations serving the people of New Hampshire, thank you. We are grateful for your service and your recognition.

Thanks also to the NH Charitable Foundation, the NH Center for Nonprofits, and the NH Community Development Finance Authority for taking on the responsibility of distributing CARES Act funds to New Hampshire nonprofits, and to the NH State Council on the Arts for administering CARES Act funds from the National Endowment for the Arts.