Music Hall Membership = Longer, Healthier, Happier Life.

I have incredible news: A new study suggests that a visit to The Music Hall will help you live longer. The effect is cumulative, so the more times you visit, the better.

To me, that means you should get everyone you know and love a Music Hall membership. And of course you’ll want to include yourself in that list. Could there be a better way to wish someone a happy and healthy New Year than to give them a gift that studies show will lengthen their life?

Well, technically the study didn’t directly address Music Hall membership. As the CNN article says:

“A trip to the theater, museum or art gallery could help you live longer. And the more often you get that culture fix the better, a new study suggests.”

The timing for this news is perfect, as now through December 31st it’s Be One, Gift One time. When you renew or purchase a membership, you’ll receive a complimentary Friend-level membership ($50 value) to pass along.

While I’ve got your ear, may I make one more suggestion? This one’s more of a request. I ask you to consider making a gift to The Music Hall. 

Gifts to our Annual Fund, as well as Membership dollars, support programming and operations. We are a nonprofit organization. Through your support, we’re able to offer: 

  • our School Days Series of professional theater for young people; 
  • our Innovation + Leadership series showcasing inspiring thought leaders with suggestions for action; 
  • our Give the Gift of Magic program to provide complimentary tickets to neighbors in need; 
  • and many more educational and accessibility initiatives.

According to Daisy Fancourt, an associate professor at UCL’s Research Department of Behavioural Science and Health, and an author of the study, “engaging with the arts can act as a buffer against stress and build creativity that allows people to adapt to changing circumstances. It also helps people build social capital — accessing emotional support and information that helps people age more successfully.”

Your tax-deductible contributions to Membership and Annual Fund help us to keep The Music Hall accessible to all, spreading the incredible benefits of participation in the arts across our community. We thank you for working with us to keep the Seacoast healthy, happy, and thriving!

To donate, click here, contact the Box Office at 603-436-2400, or send a check made out to The Music Hall to Jess Bunker at The Music Hall, 28 Chestnut Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801. 

If you’re looking to have a lasting impact, consider including The Music Hall in your estate planning. We hope you’ve been inspired to leave a legacy and remain a friend of The Music Hall in perpetuity. If you would like to understand how your gift might have an impact, contact Gail VanHoy Carolan, Director of Institutional Advancement, at 603-766-2174.

Read the full article about arts and wellness on CNN.