Opening Night: The Most Magical Night of the Year!

Ever wonder what’s so special about Opening Night? It’s the most exciting, glamorous night of the year for us! There’s nothing quite like seeing a show on opening night. The energy is like nothing else you’ll experience!  The weeks and weeks of hard work all amount to this. Join us on December 2 for this incredible evening! 

The Broadway actors dance and skate across the stage, the orchestra plays, everything is in its place—it’s the best of the best! 

“It’s like having New York in Portsmouth”
“Such a great show—the talent is insane, and the sets and everything are outstanding.”
“I was dancing in my seat the entire time!”

If you can’t make it to Opening Night on Dec. 2, join us for a Preview show! Previews are the real live thing, but there’s still time to give feedback to the cast through your reactions. It is an elevated dress rehearsal of sorts where your laughs and exclaims of excitement guide the cast and to allow the director and crew opportunities to improve the show. (And Previews are the best price!)

We hope you’ll join us on Opening Night on Friday, December 2 or at some point during the show. Good seats are still available but don’t wait!