Serving Our Community with Service Credit Union

This is The Music Hall’s sixth year hosting our Fill the Hall Food Drive on behalf of Gather, and this time we’re excited to announce a new partner: Service Credit Union!

We’re thrilled to have Service Credit Union sponsor Fill the Hall. Our mutual commitment to supporting the communities we serve is perfectly expressed through this effort to fill every seat in the Historic Theater—twice over—with bags of non-perishable food items and your donations for Gather’s Meals 4 Kids program.

While we strategize how to safely host this year’s event, we know your support, and this partnership with Service Credit Union, will ensure success. Together, we will feed families and grow awareness of Gather’s services and needs, actions that will benefit our community throughout the year.

Combining the warmth and attention of a credit union with the security of a big bank, Service Credit Union serves those living or working in the state of New Hampshire or the Falmouth, MA area and their families, as well as anyone who has worked for or is currently working for the Department of Defense, including active-duty military, veterans, and their families.

To learn more about Service Credit Union and their mission to do what is right for their members, visit