Share the Love: Thank a Music Hall Sponsor

While February may be the smallest month in terms of days, it’s big on reasons to celebrate. A quick online search suggests there are at least 749 February holidays; as a whole it’s National Arts Month, National Laugh-Friendly Month, and National Blah Buster Month. It’s also Relationship Wellness Month, and as it falls in the middle of our annual Corporate Appreciation Season, February is the perfect time to thank our most incredible cadre of Corporate Partners.

As a nonprofit organization, The Music Hall is here to entertain and inform, thanks to our generous supporters. That includes you, our members, as well as all of the local businesses who serve as sponsors and participate in our Playbill. We could not do what we do without them (and you!). 

We hope you will join us in appreciating this group, including our Lead Sponsor: B2W Software; our Season Sponsors: Carey & Giampa, Realtors; JGroup Hospitality; and Portwalk Place; and our Contributing Partner: the University of New Hampshire.

As February is also National Haiku Month, we’ll offer our gratitude in 17 syllables:

Working together
We are thankful for support
From neighbors and friends

To see a full list of The Music Hall’s 80+ Sponsors and join us in sharing our thanks, peruse the Season Playbill next time you’re in the Hall, or visit our Corporate Partners page.