Show & Tell: A Star is Born

Yes, I know I should have sent this announcement last night. But I think I’m justified in using Bob Crotchet’s excuse when he sneaks (late) into Scrooge’s counting house on the day after Christmas: “I was making rather merry yesterday, sir.”

I hope you were similarly employed yesterday, and that you’re ready to tackle one of the Big Movies of 2018.

A Star Is Born is the fourth iteration of the story of one star on the way up and another on the way down. It puts Lady Gaga right up there with Janet Gaynor, Judy Garland, and Barbra Streisand and Bradley Cooper in line with Fredric March, James Mason, and Kris Kristopherson. And I’m leaving out Aashiqui 2 (the Bollywood version) and a Simpson’s episode, among others.

There will be plenty to talk about when the credits are done rolling, but we won’t have a lot of time to talk, since the movie runs a lengthy 136 minutes, and tomorrow is still a school day. But I’ll be brief and I’ll look forward to hearing your reactions.

I hope you will be able to join us in The Historic Theater at 7:00. And you might consider taking an extra slug of eggnog to sustain you. It’s a big movie with big emotions to go along with its big Oscar hopes.

(And Lady Gaga can really sing!)

Paul Goodwin