Summer and the Next Season’s Selection

Our season on sale is coming up, and it looks amazing so far! I’ve only been here a couple months now but I love seeing our producers at work, culling together incredible lists of acts and events. I come from a literary background, but I’m so excited to dive into the upcoming music, comedy, and movies too!

In anticipation for all the wonderful music coming our way, I’ve been listening to a lot of TinariwenSeu Jorge, and The Lone Bellow. All three are hypnotic in their own way. If ever you are on the lookout for musical magic, check out this blog for Thérèse LaGamma’s radio show playlist every Friday.

On screen, we’re celebrating the impact of Westerns on modern-day movies with the Film Club, and prepping for the next Telluride by the Sea festival coming up in September. We may have to wait until Labor Day for the list, but there’s plenty to see in the meantime. I’m planning on catching a few Extraordinary Cinemas until then…

And finally, books. I know a ton of folks will be excited to see Lee Child and follow Jack Reacher to New Hampshire! Come on, that’s an easy one! In current events, it’ll be hard to miss Jill Lepore’s massive volume on American history or Beth Macy’s report on the opioid crisis. For breezier reads, J. Courtney Sullivan’s Saints for All Occasions or Ann Hood’s Kitchen Yarns may do the trick.

Oh, and to get these tickets as quickly as you can, make sure you’re a member! May is Membership Month, so your donation is matched, and you can utilize the benefits to the max with First Saturdays!

All in all, I’m really looking forward to meeting and seeing the other worldly and local musicians, writers, artists, and performers coming through the rest of this summer and fall as well. See you at the theater soon!