Summit Supply, a Wonderful Friend

Here’s a funny thing. I was typing up this blog post celebrating our incredible partner, Summit Supply. When I typed owner Tom Kunysz’s title, my computer autocorrected to declare Tom not just the owner, but the “wonder of Summit Supply.” Computers know best, don’t they? Summit Supply, Tom, and the entire team have been absolute wonders. 

While we forged our relationship prior to the COVID pandemic (remember the Summit Supply vans emblazoned with Annie advertisements back in 2019?), Tom has truly invested in The Music Hall in the midst of this crisis. As we’ve pivoted and adapted from program to program, from Live Under the Arch to Stage Door Cabaret, Summit Supply has been there with the tools to keep our staff and patrons happy and safe. When hand sanitizer was in short supply, Tom himself delivered our coveted refills. When we built a new bar in the Historic Theater—a speakeasy for the Stage Door series—Summit was ready with just the dishwasher we needed. 

Jeff Kamensky, our Senior Front of House Manager, declared our partners at Summit Supply “amazing with all things COVID and helping us keep the Hall as clean as can be.” When I reached out to Tom to let him know why his ears must be burning, he modestly replied, “Thank you for the kind words. We are happy to help. I do think that we benefit greatly through our association with you. So, right back at you.”

All modesty aside, we are so grateful to count Summit Supply among our dedicated Corporate Sponsors. The Music Hall was thrilled to receive emergency relief funds from the state of New Hampshire. The Governor’s Office for Emergency Relief and Recovery (GOFERR) created numerous programs to distribute the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act funds awarded by the federal government, including the New Hampshire Nonprofit Emergency Relief Fund (NERF) and the New Hampshire Live Venue Relief Fund. I think you can guess by the acronyms that these awards require a lot of reporting. As we’ve been working through those reports, tallying losses and expenses due to COVID, it’s become increasingly clear how valuable our partnership with Summit Supply has been this past year. We could not have found a more dedicated partner, and we could not have built this relationship at a better time.

Three cheers for Summit Supply! And three cheers for 2021, a year we hope will feature free-flowing toilet paper and fewer calls for hand sanitizer refills.

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