We Filled the Hall—and then some!

An astounding arrangement of Gather reusable bags filled the Hall and created a rainbow in the Historic Theater on June 22nd this year. Once again, Portsmouth came out to show its pride for its community and to support local kids and organizations during Fill The Hall

The fifth annual Fill the Hall Food Drive collected over 8,000 pounds of food and raised over $6,000 in donations for Gather’s Summer Meals 4 Kids program. The program fills the meals kids miss when they aren’t getting the school’s subsidized meals during the summer months. The need was even greater this year with an additional 300 kids from the Rochester area. Because of the efforts of many of you, this event will help provide 900 kids with 10 meals a week for the 11 weeks of summer.  

Diligent and kind volunteers sorted, checked, packed, and carried donations all over the theater and to Gather’s vehicles. Families continued the tradition of volunteering together and out-of-town visitors stopped by to see the bags build up.   

Next year, we hope to see you dropping off more bags of food, so we can fit TWO bags per seat and keep this incredible and inspiring effort going.