Welcome Kristen Bulger!

We sat down with Kristen Bulger, our Digital Marketing Associate, to hear a bit about her love of poetry, her time as our UNH MFA intern, and what inspires her about being a part of The Music Hall.

Tell us about yourself, your hobbies, any secret talents, etc. 
Sure! I’m originally from the Seacoast area, and apart from a brief stint living in Kittery during graduate school, I have spent the last ten years or so in Boston. I split a lot of my time between here and the city still, so it’s an ideal slice of the landscapes from both places!

Mostly, I enjoy reading, writing, watching movies, and spending as much time outside as possible. I love poetry, so that is what I spend much of my time working on—it’s like figuring out a thousand different ways to tell the same story, and I could spend all day talking about craft if given the chance, but I’ll spare you. I’m not sure if I have any secret talents (apart from the fact that I’m an expert at parallel parking), but I do think of myself as a tinkerer. I’m constantly fiddling and experimenting with different things, whether it’s learning woodwork, attempting to surf, playing an instrument, rock climbing, or taking photographs. I’m certainly not great at all of these things, but it helps me to stay curious and, frankly, keeps me honest.

What was it like interning with us through the UNH MFA in Creative Writing program? 
I saw my MFA experience less like a degree program and more akin to an apprenticeship, where I was truly enveloped in mastering a craft, much like a carpenter may work to perfect his or her cabinetry skills or a boat builder will learn the inner workings of a skiff. In my case, I dove into the craft of writing poetry. In many respects, I feel fortunate to have been able to intern with the Writers series at The Music Hall during my first year of graduate school, because it demonstrated to me what kind of professional possibilities were available for those interested in the arts. Of course, getting to meet renowned authors and journalists was exciting, but more than anything I appreciated how talented each person on the staff was and how their skills and creativity were utilized to put together a diverse array of events and performances for the community. That is why I wanted to come back. The Music Hall is staffed by photographers, musicians, makers, and writers who are constantly pulling from the wells of their own artistic lives to come up with new ideas to create a welcoming space for extraordinary talent, to better engage the community, and help the theater evolve. Also, I love being around people who really appreciate a good laugh.

What were you doing before joining The Music Hall?
Prior to joining The Music Hall, I was doing a bunch of different things. Mainly I worked in higher education down in Boston. I also worked as a writer and editor for a photography and fashion magazine as well as a business magazine.

Why do you think people should come to a show at The Music Hall?
I’m a big believer in the trope that you have to bring your whole self—all of your individual experiences and attention—to a piece of art in order to get the most out of it. Whether it be literature, a painting, or a musical performance, the viewer or reader is as essential to that work or experience as the person who made it. And with that in mind, what I love most about seeing a show at The Music Hall is that it always feels like a dialogue between the performers and the audience—that’s something unlike any other theater I’ve been to and is rare and difficult to cultivate. The audience that comes to each performance really engages with the performers, are fully attuned to each song, and take pride in the theater. All of that helps create a warm and welcoming environment and that feeling is contagious!

What upcoming events are you most excited about?
There are so many events coming up that I’m really looking forward to. I can’t wait for Malcolm Gladwell to come with his latest book Talking to Strangers. I really appreciate how he doggedly explores and excavates all the topics he writes on. And I am on the edge of my seat to see the films at Telluride by the Sea. It’s one of my favorite events at The Music Hall and I would always drive up from Boston to attend a screening. Lastly, I’ve already snagged my ticket to see Angelique Kidjo perform the Talking Head’s album Remain in Light. She’s such an incredible artist, and her interpretation of one of my favorite band’s music is out of this world. I’m sure it will be a special concert to attend!