Your Personal Concierge to All the Great Shows!

When we ask Founder and Stakeholder-level members what is the best part of their membership, they almost always say, “You get Wes!” Wes Lovell, Sales Manager & Ticketing Concierge, is a familiar face in the Box Office and at most events. He gave us the inside scoop on the perks of membership and what shows to look forward to.

Tell us a bit more about yourself. What are your hobbies and secret talents? What do you do outside of the Music Hall?
I’m a classically trained singer, and while I don’t get to sing as much as I like, I try to look out for opportunities to do that as often as I can. I also like to go out to see opera and live theater when I can. I love board games of all types, and some of my favorites are PandemicTicket to RideTrivial Pursuit, and Clue. I also love movies—getting to see movies here on my days off is one of my favorite perks of the job.

What exactly comes with an upgrade to the Founder level? What is the Concierge service all about?
The Concierge service is basically a way to automatically purchase tickets for the shows you’re interested in. You can sign up for any of the series we offer (Intimately Yours and Writers on a New England Stage are the most popular two), and I go through and make sure your tickets are taken care of before they go on sale to other members. While I can’t guarantee specific seats for any specific show, I generally know where people like to sit and try to get them as close to that area as I can. Also, people can let me know if there’s a show coming up that they wouldn’t automatically get that they’d like to purchase tickets for, and I take care of those requests as well.

What’s the best aspect of the upgrade? 
Most people talk to me about how easy ordering tickets is. There’s no waiting in line, no trying to remember what day something goes on sale, or if tickets have been ordered because I’ve taken care of it.

What shows are you most excited about? Do you think any of those shows will sell out?
I think the Concert in the Lot will be a lot (pun very much intended) of fun. I’m excited to be a part of something so new and exciting, and I don’t know whether I’m more excited for the bands (especially Sweet Crude) or for the food trucks! I did a lot of theater as I was growing up, and I always enjoy the shows that the Ogunquit Playhouse puts on, so of course I’m excited for Annie! Lots of those performances will sell out, especially on the weekends, so I’m always encouraging people to get their tickets early before the seats they want are gone. And J. Hoard, who will be at the Loft in August, performs a really interesting mix of gospel, jazz, and R&B, which are all right up my alley.