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At A Glance: Starting April 2024

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Go Green! Community

Go Green!

We know you appreciate the steps we’ve taken to reduce our environmental impact. By switching to a soda gun and incorporating Bluedrop Water’s beautiful fountain system, we eliminated the use of thousands of single-use plastic bottles a year. We’ve also dropped single-use, plastic straws in favor of strawless, compostable cups. Read More Read More
All Together Now Community

All Together Now

Spring is in the air and our thoughts turn to the re-emergence of not only our arts and cultural organizations, but also restaurants, shops, and getting outside to enjoy the natural beauty of the Seacoast in spring. Read More Read More
Black History Month: Lift and Amplify Community

Black History Month: Lift and Amplify

As part of our commitment to our community, we continue to recognize and celebrate the diversity around us. The arts have always been a place for creativity and inclusion—and it is our duty as a safe gathering space to honor the needs of all who join us in our theaters. We always strive to be inclusive of diverse voices in our programming, lifting up the voices of Black artists and authors this month and well beyond.  Read More Read More
Help Us Save Our Stages Community

Help Us Save Our Stages

You may have heard of the Save Our Stages Act and the movement to help out theaters across the country who have been deeply affected by this pandemic. If you've wanted to help but don't have the means or want to help in other ways, you can send a letter to Senator Shaheen. Read More Read More
Arts Partners Power Progress Community

Arts Partners Power Progress

We have been so heartened by our community’s ability to rally, find solutions, and support each other. There is still more work to be done, and many of our neighbors still need help. Below are examples of what some of our creative partners are up to.  Read More Read More
Thank You for Helping Us Fill The Hall! Community

Thank You for Helping Us Fill The Hall!

Wow, just wow. The community really showed up for Gather at Fill the Hall back on June 27. Since it’s 2020, we were hoping for 20,000 pounds of food and $20,000 in cash donations to help mitigate the impact COVID-19 has had on Gather’s food pantry and resources. Not only did we meet that (we thought lofty) goal, but we had exceeded it by mid-day! Read More Read More
How your donation supports Gather Community

How your donation supports Gather

Our Fill the Hall Food Drive on June 27 represents the best of our community. Hundreds of Seacoast residents donate their time, dollars, and much-needed food and non-perishable items in support of Gather and their Meals 4 Kids program, which ensures 900 kids won't go without fresh and nutritious food while they are out of school. Read More Read More

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