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Throwback: Real Life Revelations with Maria Bamford

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Bright and Bountiful, Fill The Hall Was a Success! Community

Bright and Bountiful, Fill The Hall Was a Success!

This year’s Fill The Hall was a colorful sight! Bags in a rainbow of colors sat full in the balcony while a team of volunteers expertly sorted, collected, moved, and filled throughout the orchestra. Kids lead other kids through the steps (when they weren’t building forts in the banana boxes), and adults hooted and hollered when trucks loaded with groceries drove up the brand-new street. Read More Read More
Help Us Fill The Hall! Community

Help Us Fill The Hall!

We’ve joined up with Gather for the fourth year in a row to fill every seat in the Historic Theater on Saturday, June 23 from 9am-3pm. Fill the Hall benefits Gather’s Summer Meals 4 Kids program, helping to fill the gap when subsidized school meals are not available. They provide 10 meals a week for over 400 children on the Seacoast for the 11 weeks of summer. It takes more than 12 tons of food to do this. We want to get it donated in one day and we invite YOU to join us in this challenge. Read More Read More
A Year to be Grateful for at The Music Hall Community

A Year to be Grateful for at The Music Hall

As we celebrate our 140th birthday, I am pleased to share with you the inspiring and incredible year we’ve had and to give you a preview of the fantastic year to come! Along with our membership hitting an all-time high, we’ve brought 130,000 people to the Music Hall and downtown area. There is a little piece of magic for everyone at The Music Hall. Read More Read More
Sharing the Theater Experience Community

Sharing the Theater Experience

I’m standing in the back of a sold out show in the Historic Theater. The crowd is rowdy until the lights go down to a chorus of “Shhhhs.” Then the stage lights come on and the dinosaurs come out and the audience fills with appreciative “Ooohs” and delightful chuckles. This is not your average Music Hall show but it is one of my favorite activities: I’ve come to watch a School Days Series matinee performance of Dragons Love Tacos and Other Story Books. Read More Read More
Creating a Healthy Community Community

Creating a Healthy Community

The Banff Mountain Film Festival comes to the Historic Theater for two nights this month on Wednesday, March 14 and Thursday, March 15. A unique, exhilarating, and provocative exploration of the mountain world, the films take you to some of the world’s most captivating and breathtaking mountain environments. This popular festival has called our theater home for the last two decades and has served as a fundraiser for one of our longest community partners, Goodwin Community Health. Read More Read More
Sharing Stories and Song Community

Sharing Stories and Song

Students from Arts in Reach, an organization empowering teenage girls through mentoring and the arts, met the performers of Umalali and the Garifuna Collective prior to their performance at the Loft on January 19. Performing traditional songs from a community that is struggling to maintain its unique language, music, and traditions in the face of globalization, the Garifuna Collective has made it their mission to preserve and share the threatened music of their community. Read More Read More

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