The Music Hall


Classic Hollywood: Ginger Rogers

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Telluride by the Sea Tips & Tricks Film

Telluride by the Sea Tips & Tricks

Prepare for Telluride by the Sea (TbtS) with a few tips and tricks we’ve learned over the past 20 years! BUY A PASS: All year long, most of us carefully choose what movies we'd like to go out (or remain on our couch) to watch. Here's a chance to maybe challenge yourself to try a film that might not initially draw you. Read More Read More
Filmworker Show & Tell

Show & Tell Tonight for Filmworker

Okay, here’s the setup. It turns out that during his legendary career of turning out pretty much nothing but masterpieces, Stanley Kubrick had an assistant named Leon Vitali. Vitali started out as an actor but gave up his career to spend two decades as Kubrick’s assistant, man-of-all-work, and enabler. Read More Read More
Grand, Wild Westerns Just Announced For Film Club Film

Grand, Wild Westerns Just Announced For Film Club

The Western has been the major defining genre of the film industry, using the expanse of the American frontier—the border between civilization and wilderness —as the backdrop for indelible morality tales. In choosing six of the absolute best, made by big name directors both in America and abroad, we’ve also chosen films that defy the simplicity of White Hat vs. Black Hat: almost all of these movies generated controversy on their release, and their complex heroes and villains, portrayed by the finest actors of their time, have become enduring film archetypes. Read More Read More

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