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Throwback: Real Life Revelations with Maria Bamford

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Show & Tell: At Eternity's Gate Show & Tell

Show & Tell: At Eternity’s Gate

I guess we have a few hours left to us before the White Gods of Winter erase us, and all memories of us, from the face of the Earth. Or maybe it’s just another snowstorm that’s on the way, and we won’t actually need the gallons of bottled water, the candles, the freeze-dried food and the rifle for dealing with the wolves. Read More Read More
Show & Tell: Shoplifters Show & Tell

Show & Tell: Shoplifters

Our story up to now: January has done its worst and is consigned to the scrapheap of winter history. Last week’s relatively polite snowstorm got sweated away by Tuesday’s spring-like heat wave. The Super Bowl, which always ignites a Monday of calling-in-sick absences, is history, for better or for worse. Read More Read More
Show & Tell: Can You Ever Forgive Me? Show & Tell

Show & Tell: Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Well, here’s one of those “on the one hand … on the other hand” kind of situations that makes New England such a joy to live with. On the one hand, we have a wonderful movie coming to The Music Hall’s Historic Theater and bringing with it all kinds of Oscar buzz about its lead actress and supporting actor. Read More Read More
Show & Tell: A Star is Born Show & Tell

Show & Tell: A Star is Born

Yes, I know I should have sent this announcement last night. But I think I’m justified in using Bob Crotchet’s excuse when he sneaks (late) into Scrooge’s counting house on the day after Christmas: “I was making rather merry yesterday, sir.”  Read More Read More
Show & Tell: The Great Buster Show & Tell

Show & Tell: The Great Buster

Just in case you’re already suffering from a slight case of Holiday Overload, I have a very quick suggestion for an antidote. And I can just about guarantee that this solution will leave you feeling much better about yourself, life itself and the movies themselves. Read More Read More
Show & Tell: Tea with the Dames Show & Tell

Show & Tell: Tea with the Dames

It’s November in the Granite State, which means we will soon be frozen into a granite state. And with the mid-term elections over, what we have to look forward to this month is Thanksgiving, which unfortunately has been nearly lost in the flood of advertising for a two-month holiday that might as well be called ChristmasGiving. Read More Read More

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