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Gratitude for a Generous (and Growing!) Group

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Show & Tell: Gloria Bell Show & Tell

Show & Tell: Gloria Bell

Sometimes the calendar is on your side and sometimes it wants to give you a wedgie and throw you down the stairs. Long story short, family travels will keep me from discussing Gloria Bell on Wednesday. The change from our usual Tuesday schedule was an early attempt to get around my necessary absence, but it didn’t work.  Read More Read More
Show & Tell: Cold War Show & Tell

Show & Tell: Cold War

We live in New England, which means that spring is, as usual, dragging its feet. It’s still too early to plant a garden and sunbathing is far in the future. If you find this kind of weather ideal for going to the movies and you’re in the mood for a disposable comic-book movie at the Mall-Plexx 95, you’re in luck. Read More Read More
Show & Tell: On the Basis of Sex Show & Tell

Show & Tell: On the Basis of Sex

In New Hampshire, spring is a process rather than an event, and we’re being given a textbook example of that process. Snow banks diminish, but linger, resolving into slop. Daytime temperatures inch toward comfort, but aren’t there yet, and nights still put a skim of ice on the puddles. So, unless you’re a spring skier, the out of doors just isn’t the place to be right now. Read More Read More
Show & Tell: Burning Show & Tell

Show & Tell: Burning

Some months have a character that’s pretty much set in stone. February, for instance, is usually cold enough to freeze the nuts off a steel bridge. End of story. March, on the other hand, is often a wild-card, sometimes showing bursts of strengthening sun and making us all look for the snowdrops and sometimes just hammering us with snow/sleet/slush/mud/ice, etc. Read More Read More
Show & Tell: At Eternity's Gate Show & Tell

Show & Tell: At Eternity’s Gate

I guess we have a few hours left to us before the White Gods of Winter erase us, and all memories of us, from the face of the Earth. Or maybe it’s just another snowstorm that’s on the way, and we won’t actually need the gallons of bottled water, the candles, the freeze-dried food and the rifle for dealing with the wolves. Read More Read More
Show & Tell: Shoplifters Show & Tell

Show & Tell: Shoplifters

Our story up to now: January has done its worst and is consigned to the scrapheap of winter history. Last week’s relatively polite snowstorm got sweated away by Tuesday’s spring-like heat wave. The Super Bowl, which always ignites a Monday of calling-in-sick absences, is history, for better or for worse. Read More Read More

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