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Gratitude for a Generous (and Growing!) Group

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Show & Tell: Lean On Pete Show & Tell

Show & Tell: Lean On Pete

A national holiday, even one as somber as Memorial Day, is usually a beneficial break from routine. But I count on routine to tell me what I should be doing on any particular day, and when I got to work today and discovered that I had blown my usual Monday afternoon invitation to a film discussion at The Music Hall, I grew slightly impatient with myself. I may even have said, “Darn it!” or something similar. Read More Read More
Show & Tell: RBG Show & Tell

Show & Tell: RBG

With most movies to which I send discussion invitations, I try to spend a little time giving you a sense of what the movie’s about and why you might want to see (and discuss) it. With RBG (which we will be discussing on Tuesday evening), I think most of my work is already done. Read More Read More

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