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Classic Hollywood: (Femme) Fatale Attraction

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Take home a piece of Cuba Essay

Take home a piece of Cuba

As I was curating items for this year’s annual auction, I was approached about including an original photograph of Cuba by famed large format photographer Andrew Moore. From the moment I saw this picture I knew it was special, the blue light of sunset casting a warm glow on buildings that were falling into disrepair, the warm lights coming from the windows, it captured the beauty and sadness of Cuba so well. Read More Read More
Bid early, often, and to win Specials

Bid early, often, and to win

….Are you ready for it? Our annual Bidding for Good Auction opens up on Sunday at 9:00a and it’s packed full of AMAZING items, over 200 of them to be exact. After talking to some of you, my loyal readers, I learned that you aren’t super familiar with how to bid. Today, I thought I’d take some time and give you some tips and tricks to help you navigate the auction and hopefully win your favorite items. Read More Read More
Save the Date to Start Your Holiday Shopping Campaign

Save the Date to Start Your Holiday Shopping

We are now just a little under a month away for our annual online auction going live on October 29th. Today, our Auction Wrangler, Ashleigh Tucker Pollock gave me a sneak peek at some of the amazing items she and her committee have collected. I thought I’d share my good fortune with all of you and give you a little behind the scenes look at the items that you’ll get to bid on. Read More Read More
We’re LIVE! Specials

We’re LIVE!

If you follow The Music Hall on Facebook, you might have noticed that Membership Coordinator, Alexis Hahalis and I have started a Facebook Live series. Each Wednesday at 11am we broadcast live from the Loft Lobby. We chat about the events that happened the week before, what’s coming up, and some fun Music Hall information. Read More Read More
An easy way to navigate concessions Specials

An easy way to navigate concessions

Last night, I went to see the Chris Robinson Brotherhood at the Historic Theater. This show was one of the rare times that I actually sat in a seat for the entire show. While pretending to be a normal patron, I discovered that most of the people sitting around me had either never been to our theater or hadn’t been in years. Read More Read More
Winter and Vintage Christmas is coming… Specials

Winter and Vintage Christmas is coming…

For most people, July means beaches, barbecues, and floating in the pool, for me it means it’s time to start preparing for Vintage Christmas. I know, I know, other than Game of Thrones, no one wants to hear that Winter is Coming but with all of the activities we have planned, we have to get started. And I can’t help myself, I really love Christmas. Read More Read More
The MeowsicHall Challenge Returns! Specials

The MeowsicHall Challenge Returns!

The Internet Cat Video Festival is returning to the Historic Theater next month. It’s a whole festival dedicated to all of those videos that we all can’t stop watching as we scroll through Facebook. So to celebrate, I’m so excited to announce that we’re bringing back our #MeowsicHall Instagram Challenge and we have some pretty purrrfect prizes up our sleeves for the winner. Read More Read More

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