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Classic Hollywood: (Femme) Fatale Attraction

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Backstage Blogging: Mary Poppins Specials

Backstage Blogging: Mary Poppins

Photo Credit: Gary Ng All good things must come to an end, but sometimes, they happen again! So, here I am, back at Ogunquit, back in the wonderful world of Mary Poppins, and back to share all the inside scoop with you! That’s right, Ogunquit has partnered with the Music Hall in Portsmouth, NH, to present their beautiful production from the summer on the Music Hall stage. And what better time to perform a beloved Disney show about family then at the height of the holiday season?! Read More Read More
Social on the Seacoast: The Best Kept Secret in Town Specials

Social on the Seacoast: The Best Kept Secret in Town

Gift-giving fever is here. But it doesn’t have to be stressful. My epiphany about gift-giving happened last summer, when I was rushing around Portsmouth looking for a house gift for cousins who live in a Maine farmhouse. I like to match gifts to the recipients and was thinking about their personalities. Mary is an extrovert. Terry is an introvert. They are both intellectually curious and read The New York Times every day. I had recently heard Susan Cain’s fascinating talk about her book, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking at the Writers in the Loft series and it struck me: an autographed copy would be the perfect gift! I high-tailed it over to The Music Hall Box office to purchase a copy. I also bought them a box of Music Hall greeting cards so they could see highlights of the fabulous place I’m privileged to work for—and I could feel good about contributing a bit more to an independent arts organization that brings so much to the community. Read More Read More
Restaurant Week Means You’re in for a Treat at The Music Hall Community

Restaurant Week Means You’re in for a Treat at The Music Hall

By Kristina Le Dain Beaudett March 22-31 is restaurant week in Portsmouth! Twice a year this event spotlights the city as a culinary and cultural destination. What better way to spend the first days of spring than by making a getaway to Portsmouth to wine & dine, shop & gallery hop, and visit the theatre. Enjoy 3-course prix fixe menus in restaurants around the Seacoast, lunch for just $16.95 per person and dinner for $29.95 per person. Read More Read More

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