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At A Glance: Starting April 2024

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Film discussion: The Theory of Everything Wildcard

Film discussion: The Theory of Everything

So, the Oscars. Well, that was a fun night, wasn’t it? Too long? Yes. Occasionally boring? Yes. A little deficient in the hosting department? Yes. But what the heck. The Oscars are the one night every year when I get my film-geek on, wallowing in the glam, the glurge, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. Plus the unapologetic gaping at the purty clothes on the beautiful people. Read More Read More
Film Discussion: Whiplash Wildcard

Film Discussion: Whiplash

If you ever had a teacher who inspired you, who pushed you to produce the very best that was in you, who demanded that you work harder … and harder … and harder … until you just about went crazy, then you need to come see Whiplash tonight at The Music Hall. Because the music teacher in Whiplash will make your teacher seem like a cute, fuzzy puppy. Read More Read More
Film Discussion: CitizenFour Wildcard

Film Discussion: CitizenFour

While Music Hall movies often take on current themes, it’s not often that we get a crack at one that’s close to the heart of an ongoing national debate. But citizenfour is that movie. It’s a documentary about Edward Snowden and the uproar over the CIA and its program to monitor our emails, our phone calls and (probably) when we have our alarms set to go off. Read More Read More
Film Discussion: The Congress Wildcard

Film Discussion: The Congress

In 1971, Stanislaw Lem, a prolific Polish science fiction writer, published a book called The Futurological Congress, a blackly funny book featuring one of his recurring characters, a man named Ijon Tichy. Tichy is attending the titular Congress (in Costa Rica) when he is hit by a stream of hallucinations and waking ups (that may also be hallucinations) so strong that he loses his sense of reality. (I’m giving you this information so you don’t think that the film is about the U.S. Congress; The Music Hall doesn’t show films about subjects that distasteful.) Read More Read More
The Knockout Punch of Punch Brothers Music

The Knockout Punch of Punch Brothers

Chris Thile’s newest creation- Punch Brothers, a five-person band founded in 2006, was most recently nominated by the Americana Music Awards for best band. Thile, the former mandolinist in the critically acclaimed band Nickel Creek, was also nominated as best instrumentalist along with Dave Rawlings and Buddy Miller. Thile released his first five solo albums when he was just 13, and by the time he was twenty he was attracting a following among pop, country, and alternative-rock audiences. Read More Read More
Indie Gaming Comes to The Hall Wildcard

Indie Gaming Comes to The Hall

By Chris Dahlen If you’re a fan of pop culture, the word “indie” probably has certain positive connotations: independent films are the ones made by passionate directors who would never bow to a focus group; independent musicians are the ones who you can actually meet at their merch tables, when they try to sell you a t-shirt. Artists who work independently give up a certain amount of support for a certain creative ideal, and their audiences embrace them—when the bet pays off. First-time filmmakers Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky have found the same passion and weirdness in the world of videogames, and they tell their story in a movie that’s inspiring and compelling, even as it tackles a difficult and knotty subject: games made by small teams who spend most of their time hunched in front of their computers, quietly fixing or breaking their code. Read More Read More

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