Movies Move Us

Seeing commercials and trailers for upcoming films—once again with that familiar phrase “in theaters soon”—has brightened my spirits. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve appreciated watching many a movie from the comfort of my couch. But it’s just not the same as seeing it on the big screen with an audience.

Your home for art house cinema, The Music Hall will be screening some excellent films this spring. Consider joining us Wednesday, April 14, 2021, for our Exhibition on Screen presentation of Frida Kahlo. The film makes use of the latest technology to deliver an in-depth look (of previously unimaginable quality) at key works from the iconic artist’s career. 

Not yet ready to join us in person? Consider signing on for our virtual presentation of Il Cinema Ritrovato, which will run from March 5-8, 2021 in collaboration with the University of New Hampshire. The festival features restored films, early silent cinema, and director portraits; in other words, films not easily found on other streaming platforms. Chess of the Wind was just found and restored after almost 50 years of thinking it was lost forever.

We offer great thanks to the sponsors who make this programming possible: our Presenting Cinema Sponsor, Hampton Ford Hyundai; our Wildcard Film sponsors, Cocked Hat Ventures, The Hippo, and RAM Printing; our Exhibition on Screen Sponsor, Sheehan Phinney; and our Contributing Partner, the University of New Hampshire.

If you’ve been missing movies at The Music Hall, consider recreating the experience for yourself! Grab some Popzup Popcorn from your local grocer, play the Hampton Ford Hyundai and UNH trailers, and settle in on the couch for some small-screen entertainment.

Want to know more about the Hampton Ford Hyundai trailer? Been following Jay McFarland’s film career? Read my blog about it!