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Classic Hollywood: William Wyler

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Film Discussion: An Honest Liar Wildcard

Film Discussion: An Honest Liar

James “The Amazing” Randi obviously doesn’t mind deceiving people; it’s what he does for a living. As a magician and escape artist, Randi has baffled and delighted audiences everywhere. And he’s quite open about the lying that’s a part of his act. Read More Read More
Film Discussion: A Most Violent Year Wildcard

Film Discussion: A Most Violent Year

One thing we don’t really expect from movies these days is surprise. About as close as most MallPlex movies get to it is knocking off an unexpected person in one of its “serious” presentations. Tomorrow night, we will be discussing A Most Violent Year, a critically acclaimed drama about a man trying to get started in the oil delivery business in New York City in the 1980s. Read More Read More
2015 Kitchen Tour: The Inside Scoop from Ann Kendall Interviews

2015 Kitchen Tour: The Inside Scoop from Ann Kendall

From cottage homes to contemporary houses, take a peek inside some of the finest coastal kitchens in Kittery Point, Maine during our 2015 Kitchen Tour on Saturday May 9. This year also features the addition of more new trolleys to easily transport patrons from home to home. Why do we expect this to be our best Kitchen Tour ever? Content Editor Regina Baraban recently got the inside scoop from Ann Kendall, a long-time supporter of the Music Hall and the Seacoast Arts Community, who serves on The Music Hall Board of Directors and is co-chair for this year’s Kitchen Tour Committee. Ann’s home in Kittery, with its sunlit, state-of-the-art open concept kitchen, is on the tour this year. She filled us in on what’s new, and why the tour makes the best Mother’s Day outing ever. Read More Read More
Film Discussion: Still Alice Wildcard

Film Discussion: Still Alice

Ambrose Bierce, the 19th century writer whose mordant wit still stings in the 21st, wrote once that “War is God’s way of teaching Americans geography.” If that’s true, then aging must be God’s way of teaching us medicine. Read More Read More

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