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Thanks to Our HVAC Capital Campaign Investors!

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Classic Hollywood: Broadway to Big Screen Classics Classics on Chestnut

Classic Hollywood: Broadway to Big Screen Classics

Art imitates art pretty frequently on stage and screen. It’s as if one business is the farm team for the other, with constant talent trades, back and forth – whether you’re talking actors, writers, directors, or composers. Hollywood takes material from Broadway and turns it into a movie. Broadway lifts stories from film and re-imagines them for the theater. Read More Read More
Gratitude for Our CARES Act Allocations Sponsor Spotlight

Gratitude for Our CARES Act Allocations

On behalf of the Board and staff of The Music Hall, I want to thank Governor Sununu, those who served on and advised the Governor's Office for Emergency Relief and Recovery (GOFERR) Boards, and all the New Hampshire representatives who recognize and support the role of the arts in creating a thriving community and a healthy economy. Read More Read More
Our New Series Takes Us Back in Time #MyMusicHall

Our New Series Takes Us Back in Time

The Stage Door Cabaret series is an out-of-the-box way of addressing the challenges of operating a 900-seat theater during a pandemic and as we went about creating it, we realized The Music Hall has interesting histories on both parts of the series’ title “Stage Door” and “Cabaret”!  Read More Read More
Introducing Playbill 2020-21 Sponsor Spotlight

Introducing Playbill 2020-21

I interrupt your day to share BREAKING NEWS I know you want to hear: the 2020-21 Playbill is now in the house! Hooray!! Next time you visit The Music Hall, be sure to grab a copy for your coffee table. Not visiting in person? New this season you can peruse a copy on our website! Read More Read More
Donating is a Win-Win! #MyMusicHall

Donating is a Win-Win!

With Giving Tuesday kicking things off tomorrow, December is the month of giving! Ann Carrns of The New York Times recently highlighted some extra benefits of giving this year, as the CARES Act allows taxpayers to take a deduction up to $300 for cash donations when they file in the spring. Read More Read More

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