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Classic Hollywood: What a Character!

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The Man, The Myth, The Legend: Monte Bohanan Staff Highlights

The Man, The Myth, The Legend: Monte Bohanan

This week, the infamous Monte Bohanan joined the coveted 20 Year Club! To celebrate, we asked him to answer a few questions—to call this blog post a "highlight" doesn't do it justice. Monte wrote a love letter to our beloved theater and the whole Seacoast community. Let's stroll down a red-carpeted memory lane with the "Mayor of The Music Hall." Read More Read More
Staff Highlights: Lauren Rosen Staff Highlights

Staff Highlights: Lauren Rosen

Recently, our Volunteer Coordinator & Assistant Front of House Manager Lauren Rosen was pretty busy organizing 70+ mini food drives and hundreds of volunteers for Fill the Hall. Now that she's had a minute to breathe, we got to ask her about her background, beloved volunteer corps, and just how well Fill the Hall went!  Read More Read More
1878 Legacy Society Member Spotlight: Dennis Fink Membership

1878 Legacy Society Member Spotlight: Dennis Fink

The Music Hall is fortunate to have a circle of friends who have pledged their support in the form of planned or legacy gifts that will fund our activities for years to come. To recognize their interest in ensuring our continued vitality and relevance, we created the 1878 Legacy Society, named for the year our storied Hall was built. Read More Read More
Arts Partners Power Progress Community

Arts Partners Power Progress

We have been so heartened by our community’s ability to rally, find solutions, and support each other. There is still more work to be done, and many of our neighbors still need help. Below are examples of what some of our creative partners are up to.  Read More Read More

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