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Classic Hollywood: Grand Hotel

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Give the Gift Grows to a Year-round Initiative! Sponsor Spotlight

Give the Gift Grows to a Year-round Initiative!

Give the Gift of Magic, an annual initiative to provide complimentary tickets to our Seacoast neighbors in need, has been a feature of the holidays for the last your years. We are so grateful that so many of you contribute to this fund; and for our sponsors, BankProv and Hampton Ford Hyundai; as well as members Morgan and Tara Rutman, who first proposed the idea. Read More Read More
Fall into a Good Book! Writers

Fall into a Good Book!

Fall is decidedly here, and to me, the cooler temps, falling leaves, and warm cups of tea mean snuggling up with so many good books! I just finished a book club favorite, Piranesi by Susanna Clarke, and am deep into Ken Follett’s Never—I can’t wait to hear more from Mr. Follett himself this Sunday, Nov. 14 at our Writers on a New England Stage event with NHPR! Read More Read More
Classic Hollywood: (Femme) Fatale Attraction Classics on Chestnut

Classic Hollywood: (Femme) Fatale Attraction

The honey-soaked hive of Film Noir Bad Girls is always buzzing with Queen Bee candidates. Barbara Stanwyck from Double Indemnity. Jane Greer from Out of the Past. Audrey Totter from, well, every pic Totter ever made. But for pure “Wait...what?!” shock value, few dames can rival the on- and off-screen tale of Gloria Grahame, whose boudoir eyes and va-va-va-voom figure rocked Hollywood. Read More Read More
Classic Hollywood: Jean Arthur Classics on Chestnut

Classic Hollywood: Jean Arthur

“Never have I seen a performer plagued with such a chronic case of stage jitters. I’m sure she vomited before and after every scene. When the cameras stopped, she’d run headlong to her dressing room, lock herself in and cry. Those weren’t butterflies in her stomach. They were wasps.”  So wrote director Frank Capra of Jean Arthur, the woman he called “my favorite actress.” I discovered Jean in my teens while reading Capra’s autobiography, The Name Above the Title. Who was this appealing, neurotic star, so publicity-shy that she was dubbed the “American Garbo” by Movie Classic magazine in 1937? Read More Read More

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