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All Manner of On Screen Offerings Film

All Manner of On Screen Offerings

The screens at The Music Hall and the Loft have long been for more than great films. For over a decade, we’ve been offering an up-close (and even behind-the-scenes) look at operas from The Met in high definition. We've also brought the finest in theater productions broadcast for cinemas from The National Theatre, London. Read More Read More
Show + Tell: Varda by Agnès Film

Show + Tell: Varda by Agnès

The movie, Varda by Agnès, is a summation by Varda of her own creative life. It’s full of documentary insights into the course of her career, her philosophy of storytelling, and story after wonderful story of her experiences as a uniquely collaborative filmmaker. Read More Read More
Review: 1917 Film

Review: 1917

Every awards season I get most excited for films that feel new and bring something different. On the surface, 1917 feels like a classic war film but it is a visually impactful telling of the horrors and exhaustive nature of war. Read More Read More
Review: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Film

Review: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Quentin Tarantino writes a stirring homage to 1960s Hollywood in this tale of disappearing stardom sprinkled with comedy, violence, and Charles Manson’s “family” in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. It’s a great mixture of vintage Hollywood and Tarantino’s great love of classic westerns. Rick Dalton was once a big star in the western-style primetime show Bounty Law but now he’s been relegated to guest star baddie on a slew of well-known shows. Read More Read More
Escape for a Few Hours with Us Musings

Escape for a Few Hours with Us

Sometimes schedules dictate our lives and often it seems like we’re in the middle of constant chaos. Between school, work, family, doctor appointments, and all other sorts of extracurriculars, we may rarely have a moment for ourselves.  Read More Read More
Review: Little Women Film

Review: Little Women

As a child of the 90s, the 1994 Gillian Armstrong-directed Little Women was a staple of my childhood. Knowing and loving that version made me both nervous and excited for Greta Gerwig’s new take on the classic Louisa May Alcott novel. Read More Read More

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