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Thanks to Our HVAC Capital Campaign Investors!

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Black History Month: Lift and Amplify Community

Black History Month: Lift and Amplify

As part of our commitment to our community, we continue to recognize and celebrate the diversity around us. The arts have always been a place for creativity and inclusion—and it is our duty as a safe gathering space to honor the needs of all who join us in our theaters. We always strive to be inclusive of diverse voices in our programming, lifting up the voices of Black artists and authors this month and well beyond.  Read More Read More
NHPR’s Innovation Brings News, Art, and Authors Interviews

NHPR’s Innovation Brings News, Art, and Authors

New Hampshire Public Radio’s partnership with The Music Hall extends to years of working together on Writers on a New England Stage and the Innovation + Leadership series. In 2020, the station's reporting and coverage were first-rate and inspiring. We spoke with Patricia McLaughlin, Director of Communications and Marketing, about this partnership. Read More Read More
Shining Light on Our Community Sponsor Spotlight

Shining Light on Our Community

This time of year, late winter, can be a dark time. But at The Music Hall we are fortunate to have The Lighting Center at Rockingham Electric to illuminate our scene. Our friends at The Lighting Center are responsible for many of the fixtures that light our spaces, including that gorgeous chandelier that brings glamour and drama to the Historic Theater. Read More Read More
An Ode to Popcorn! Sponsor Spotlight

An Ode to Popcorn!

Tuesday, January 19 is National Popcorn Day 2021. Naturally, popcorn makes me think of The Music Hall. As an employee, I have constant, complimentary access. There’s just something about popcorn; if someone’s in the office with freshly popped kernels, you cannot resist, you must get your own bucket of the fluffy stuff. It’s just one of those things, like how yawns pass through a room, or how laughter is contagious.  Read More Read More
Classic Hollywood: Bogie & Bacall Classics on Chestnut

Classic Hollywood: Bogie & Bacall

Love is an occupational hazard on film sets. Sexy actors spend endless hours, passionately smooching and faux shagging, in take after take. Every word they speak is witty or cool. Their hair and makeup are flawless. Their clothes are stunning. The lighting is flattering. Don’t even get me started on their movie-god bods. No wonder so many of them hook up on the job. Read More Read More

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