The Music Hall


Show & Tell: The Great Buster

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Your Guide to Holiday Magic Musings

Your Guide to Holiday Magic

There’s nothing like Vintage Christmas in Portsmouth to brighten the spirits and usher in holiday cheer. Not only does our picturesque and historic Seacoast city reflect a picture-postcard New England scene, but it also offers a diverse calendar of holiday happenings throughout the month of December. Read More Read More
Show & Tell: Tea with the Dames Show & Tell

Show & Tell: Tea with the Dames

It’s November in the Granite State, which means we will soon be frozen into a granite state. And with the mid-term elections over, what we have to look forward to this month is Thanksgiving, which unfortunately has been nearly lost in the flood of advertising for a two-month holiday that might as well be called ChristmasGiving. Read More Read More

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