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Give the Gift of Magic This Holiday Season

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We Filled the Hall—and then some! Community

We Filled the Hall—and then some!

An astounding arrangement of Gather reusable bags filled the Hall and created a rainbow in the Historic Theater on June 22nd this year. Once again, Portsmouth came out to show its pride for its community and to support local kids and organizations during Fill The Hall.  Read More Read More
Dog Days of Summer Musings

Dog Days of Summer

The dog days of summer can be a bit “ruff” on everybody. But we've got the AC on so we don't mind. In advance of our screening of the NY Dog Film Festival (on Friday, August 9) we're happy to share with you: The Dogs (and Cats) of The Meowsic Howl. Read More Read More
Summer Fridays Playlist Musings

Summer Fridays Playlist

Got the mid-summer blues? Tired of hearing the same songs over and over again on the radio? Sometimes when you're in a music rut, it's best to turn to the expert, and our Master Electrician and musical maestro Noah Lefebvre has your back! Read More Read More
Summer Fridays Playlist Musings

Summer Fridays Playlist

Executive Assistant Jessica Griffin was bucking the trends and spending most of her summer days hanging out in the grass, soaking in the sun as pictured here. Today, she spends her summers lounging by a record player and spinning these awesome tunes. Read More Read More
Artists We're Spinning: Y La Bamba Music

Artists We’re Spinning: Y La Bamba

I first heard Y La Bamba in the summer of 2018 and their records have been spinning on high since then. Y La Bamba presents a sonic mix of cultures you had no idea you needed to hear. The bandleader Luz Elena Mendoza brings her ethereal voice and intimate lyrics to the plate, especially in their newest album, Mujeres.  Read More Read More

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