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Classic Hollywood: Classic Couples: Wray, Kong & Riskin

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The door that led to a novel Essay

The door that led to a novel

by Chris Bohjalian Not long ago, I was in my basement, which is the scariest place on earth. We’re talking “Silence of the Lambs” scary, “Night of the Living Dead” scary, “lion and tigers and bears, oh my” scary. It’s not merely that a sizable chunk of the floor is dirt, which means that with all the rain we’ve had this summer it’s like quicksand down there. It’s not the fact that there is a Gordian knot of tubes and pipes along the ceiling (which is little more than a crawlspace in some sections), some of which carry water and some of which carry LP gas to heat the house. It’s the door. Read More Read More
Explore & Learn at The Music Hall Spring Lineup Explore and Learn

Explore & Learn at The Music Hall Spring Lineup

No sooner had we opened the Music Hall Loft Center for Performing Arts, Literature and Education then we had a full slate of Explore & Learn programs the space was designed for: We kicked off with a master class with members of the “comedy empire” (New York Times) Second City and 18 students and two teachers from Cocheco Arts and Technology Academy (CATA) on April 15. According to Deb Pickett, House Manager/Coordinator of Volunteers, “the room was alive with creativity.” Read More Read More
An Opportunity to Make a Difference Campaign

An Opportunity to Make a Difference

If you have given to the Treasure the Future capital campaign – Thank You! Our goal is within sight. If you haven’t already given, now is the time. We are proud to share this video and to ask for your support of The Music Hall and its mission in the community. Read More Read More
SummerFilm 2011 Print

SummerFilm 2011

Dozens of cool films in the hot weeks between Memorial Day & Labor Day. Plus, a Wednesday genre series running right down the middle, this year’s theme: It’s About Time. Act fast, you don’t want to miss one! It all starts tomorrow with RANGO at 7:30. Right after our members Trailer Party. A digital copy of the entire SummerFilm schedule can be found after the jump. Read More Read More
An Interview with Ben Mezrich Interviews

An Interview with Ben Mezrich

We caught up with Ben Mezrich, author of The Accidental Billionaires (the basis of the movie The Social Network) in Las Vegas, where he was guest at “the ultimate bachelor party” for one of his friends…and one of the featured characters in his 2003 book Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six MIT Students Who Took Vegas for Millions (made into the movie 21). He’s soon to be on the road for his new book Sex on the Moon: The Amazing Story Behind the Most Audacious Heist in History. coming to The Music Hall for Writers on a New England Stage on Thursday, July 21. Here’s his report from the fast lane… Read More Read More

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