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The Big Easy Comes to Portsmouth Friday In Brief

The Big Easy Comes to Portsmouth Friday

By Patricia Lynch, Executive Director & Lead Curator This winter when in New York hunting for artists and acts to bring to The Music Hall I got to see Preservation Hall Jazz Band at Carnegie Hall. They were celebrating 50 years in the business and I have to admit I flashed back to being a little girl in Central Illinois and being taken to my first concert by my mother to experience real New Orleans Music—Preservation Hall Jazz Band. Read More Read More
Billy Bragg Celebrates Woody Guthrie on June 30 Interviews

Billy Bragg Celebrates Woody Guthrie on June 30

By Thérèse LaGamma I’ve been listening to Billy Bragg’s music—especially his Mr. Love & Justice and Mermaid Avenue recordings—and I can’t tell you how excited I am to hear his performance at The Music Hall’s Historic Theater on Saturday, June 30 at 8pm. Arguably the U.K.’s most famous activist singer-songwriter of modern times, Billy’s first set celebrates Woody Guthrie’s 100th birthday by exploring and expanding the Guthrie songbook—he was one of a handful of musicians who had access to the Guthrie archives. His second set will be pure Billy. I recently talked with the London-based star about his music, his politics, and his connection to Woody’s legacy. Read on for a fascinating conversation. Read More Read More
Inside Scoop: Jim’s Big Ego Rocks The Loft June 29! Interviews

Inside Scoop: Jim’s Big Ego Rocks The Loft June 29!

By Thérèse LaGamma I’m pumped to welcome Jim’s Big Ego (JBE) to the Loft on Friday, June 29 at 8 pm. JBE is a band that has been making a lot of noise on the Boston music scene since the mid 90’s—performing in hip clubs like T.T. The Bears and The Middle East. Their song ‘Stress’ (video after the jump) was topping the charts on WERS, Emerson radio. Jim Infantino- the bands lead singer and founding member- rocks out while managing to insert both wisdom and razor sharp humor into his songs. Jim’s Big Ego is a cross between rockers Buffalo Tom and Stu &The Negro Problem. If you are a fan of either you will LOVE this band. Their new album has just come out. I was able to catch up with the talented - and very funny - Jim Infantino prior to its release. Read More Read More
Food Movies in May El Bulli & Jiro Dreams of Sushi In Brief

Food Movies in May El Bulli & Jiro Dreams of Sushi

by Patricia Lynch May is the month for food movies at the The Music Hall. As a self confessed foodie I was so excited to see the that just in time for the Kitchen Tour we are bringing El Bulli: Cooking in Progress as a Wildcard Movie, May 2nd.  The foodocumentary ( I just made up a word!) gives a sneak peak at some of the most creative and wild cooking happening today. Then just when you thought the eyes couldn’t feast any more here comes Jiro Dreams of Sushi, starting May 17. Read More Read More
Up-and-Coming Talents Flock to the Loft on Sunday for Round Robin In Brief

Up-and-Coming Talents Flock to the Loft on Sunday for Round Robin

By Kristina Le Dain Beaudett Calling all lovers of new music to the first ever Round Robin of the Singer Songwriter Festival! You’ll find it happening at The Music Hall Loft on Sunday, April 22nd. Emceed by Seacoast Media Group’s music critic Christopher Hislop, the Round Robin is a celebration of the vibrant Seacoast singer-songwriter scene. Local musicians will appear on stage for 15 minute slots. Read More Read More
Social on the Seacoast In Brief

Social on the Seacoast

If there was no Music Hall, I’d be living in New York. No question. The thought struck yesterday as I was listening to Exec Director Patricia Lynch talk about upcoming social events at The Music Hall, and how the dearth of social gatherings in corporate America today (whatever happened to those family picnics? to after-work cocktails?) has caused people to come out not only to our shows but to our social and educational events. Read More Read More
Q&A with Opera Aficionado Dennis Kleinman Interviews

Q&A with Opera Aficionado Dennis Kleinman

By Chris Curtis Dennis Neil Kleinman is an award-winning writer/producer whose work has appeared on the History Channel, A&E, Discovery and Nat Geo. He is also a classically trained musician whose compositions have been performed at the Kennedy Center, recorded by such artists as Bobby McFerrin and Phoebe Snow, and featured on television and in movies. He is best known for co-writing the theme song from the long-running children’s television series Reading Rainbow which was recently voted one of the top ten TV theme songs of all time. Programming Coordinator Chris Curtis caught up with him recently to get his thoughts on why opera resonates more than ever, and what fans can expect from the upcoming season of Met@The Music Hall. Read More Read More
Restaurant Week Means You’re in for a Treat at The Music Hall Community

Restaurant Week Means You’re in for a Treat at The Music Hall

By Kristina Le Dain Beaudett March 22-31 is restaurant week in Portsmouth! Twice a year this event spotlights the city as a culinary and cultural destination. What better way to spend the first days of spring than by making a getaway to Portsmouth to wine & dine, shop & gallery hop, and visit the theatre. Enjoy 3-course prix fixe menus in restaurants around the Seacoast, lunch for just $16.95 per person and dinner for $29.95 per person. Read More Read More

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