Saving a Seat for Our Sponsors

We are always looking for ways to celebrate our sponsors. We love to see representatives from these organizations in the house because that means we can thank them in person. To ensure this happens, and to demonstrate our gratitude, we offer partners tickets and memberships when opportunities allow. It’s thrilling to have the people behind our season sponsors—the Labrie Group, Carey & Giampa, and Portwalk Place, as well as the University of New Hampshire and B2W Software—on-site to experience the full impact of their support.

It seems only natural that the leader in employee participation with The Music Hall would be B2W Software, with their multi-year commitment to the source of all tickets, our B2W Box Office. There are 97 employees in the Portsmouth office, and many an impromptu party has erupted when employees from either the same department or those who are friends outside of the office arrive at an event to discover they’ve all won the office pool for Music Hall tickets!

B2W staff consider themselves fortunate to have The Music Hall, such a historic and meaningful place, so close, and we in turn are appreciative of the devoted following. Our partnership with B2W is just one of our many mutually beneficial relationships with local businesses and nonprofit organizations. As a community-supported cultural center, these connections—and you, our members—are what makes our work possible.