You Make Our Holidays Bright!

To those of you who will be visiting The Music Hall this month to continue your holiday traditions, thank you! We are excited to welcome you. With our newly installed state-of-the-art HVAC system, adjusted seating plans carefully designed to allow for spacious seating for limited audiences, and contactless concessions services, you can feel comfortable attending Music Hall events. Release some holiday tension with A Very Ida Christmas on December 20 or bid adieu to 2020 (phew) with Juston McKinney on December 26 and 27.

When you’re in the house for these shows, you can order your drinks and snacks online, right from your seat, and we’ll bring your order to you! While you’re treating yourself, take a moment to appreciate our fine front of house sponsors: the New Hampshire Liquor Commission (who just renewed their support), ReVision Energy (hooray for compostable cups!), Bluedrop Water, Carpe Diem coffee, and Popzup Popcorn

If you want to support those who support The Music Hall, find out more about these and our other sponsors here

And of course, be sure to let your friends and neighbors know how much you enjoyed your visit. Word of mouth is so very valuable in this business! We appreciate your support and advocacy on our behalf.