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Film discussion: Anomalisa Wildcard

Film discussion: Anomalisa

So, here it comes. Tomorrow night (Tuesday, April 19) we will be doing a discussion of Anomalisa, the latest film from Charlie Kaufman. If his name doesn’t ring a bell, he’s the intriguing mind behind the scripts for Being John Malkovich, Adaptation, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and the writer/director of Synecdoche, New York. And yes, he’s more than a little odd in his way of looking at the world. Read More Read More
A show stopping kitchen Uncategorized

A show stopping kitchen

You know those little strips of paint colors you bring home when you decide it’s time to turn your home from drab to dazzling?  It’s probably true we take far too many of the samples. After a while, they all start to look alike. Your eyes get blurry from the wide selection. Soon it’s impossible to tell the difference between Alluring White and White Hyacinth. Drab seems easier. Read More Read More
Discovering Tarbell Community

Discovering Tarbell

The other day, a group of staff members here at The Music Hall took a field trip to the Discover Portsmouth Center for a guided tour of their Illuminating Tarbell exhibit. For those of you who are not familiar with the exhibit, it’s the largest local gathering of Edmund Tarbell’s work. The unique part of this show is that it doesn’t just feature his paintings, it also has engravings, drawings, and oil studies. Many of the 60 pieces have never been exhibited before. Read More Read More
Film discussion: Carol Uncategorized

Film discussion: Carol

The Music Hall, from whom all cinematic blessings flow, must have been worried that April might produce too much giddy happiness in its PWSD-afflicted New England clientele. So they decided to give us a Spring Tonic in the form of two very substantial movies. Accordingly, our two films for discussion this month are Carol and Anomalisa. Read More Read More
Murphy Beds and Glorious Kitchens Are in Store on the Kitchen Tour In Brief

Murphy Beds and Glorious Kitchens Are in Store on the Kitchen Tour

William Lawrence Murphy received patents for his “disappearing bed” in the early 1900s. If only Mr. Murphy could see the bed style that now bears his name in The Cresta Home. Alas, he is long gone. But you, my friends, can come take a look at a Murphy Bed like no other on this year’s 25th Anniversary Kitchen Tour to support The Music Hall. You’ll likely not actually see the bed per se. It’s hidden behind a fantastic piece of art by Jay Schadler and happily ensconced between two lovely bookshelves. And just think …. I haven’t even told you about the great kitchen in this Bridge Street home yet. Trust me, the amazing kitchen lived up to the owner’s design goals: state-of-the-art, professional-chef-level space that was open yet efficient, created with sophisticated clean lines, and possessing a splash of the wow factor. Three goals. Three goals met. Wow indeed. Read More Read More
Coming soon, Music Hall Staff Desk Tours Desk Tours

Coming soon, Music Hall Staff Desk Tours

The other day I was talking about one of my coworkers to someone who frequents The Music Hall, much to my surprise, they didn’t know who that person was. I got to thinking about how many people we have on staff that you, our fabulous patrons, might not know. I started to think about different fun ways to highlight the people who work here, I wanted to do something that highlighted all of the different personalities, while giving you an insider’s look at what happens behind the scene in the offices. Read More Read More
European flair on State Street Uncategorized

European flair on State Street

Did you ever notice that right when you think you know a lot about Portsmouth, you discover another exceptional thing?  That happened to me many times as we visited the homes that will be on this year’s 25th Anniversary Kitchen Tour to support The Music Hall.  It certainly happened when I took a gander inside a home on State Street. Read More Read More
Spring Restaurant Tips and Tricks Specials

Spring Restaurant Tips and Tricks

Signs of Spring are popping up all over Portsmouth: the days are longer, the runners are out and about, and it’s Restaurant Week. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Restaurant Week in Portsmouth, it’s a time when participating restaurants create three course pre-fixe menus for just $16.95 for lunch and $29.95 for dinner and it runs from March 31- April 9. In addition, each restaurant creates a signature cocktail and has a featured wine and beer pairing. Read More Read More

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