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This Home Chef Has An Office… and So Much More Uncategorized

This Home Chef Has An Office… and So Much More

Hard to believe it has been nearly a year since the 25th Annual Kitchen Tour to Benefit The Music Hall in 2016. But I’m here to tell you, this year’s tour is almost here. Which brings me back to this blog space to share some info on the gems we are featuring this year. It’s May 13, the Saturday before Mother’s Day. You’ll love the area we’ve chosen this year – the Little Harbor neighborhood of Portsmouth, all very walkable. You can stroll with friends or family from kitchen to charming kitchen. Read More Read More
Join us for our First Saturday Membership

Join us for our First Saturday

One of the benefits that every member gets is access to tickets before the general public. On the first Saturday of each month, NEW shows go on sale to members at 10am for walk-up at the B2W Box Office, at noon for phone and internet sales. If you haven’t yet been to a First Saturday, they’re a fun social way to get your tickets before anyone else, while mingling with members of The Music Hall staff and other members. Read More Read More
Go inside this year’s Kitchen Tour Uncategorized

Go inside this year’s Kitchen Tour

One of the first things that I really knew about The Music Hall was that they put on an annual Kitchen Tour. Thinking about it as I write this week’s blog, it’s kind of funny seeing how I very rarely spend any time in my own kitchen. Each year, I’d gather up a group and we’d make a day of it.  It was always interesting to see what the inside of these houses and condos that I had walked or driven past for years really looked like. Read More Read More
Film discussion: Fences Uncategorized

Film discussion: Fences

As best I can figure it, about two weeks ago someone in New England must have said something stupid about winter, like “I think it’s over.” And we all know that such insults do not go down well with winter, who can be as cranky as a chihuahua with a hangnail if not given proper respect. Fortunately, we didn’t have a film discussion last week, so the damage was tolerable. Now all we have to do is use up the end-of-the-world food, water and candles that we bought for the occasion. Read More Read More
Celebrate International Women’s Day With Pat Benatar Uncategorized

Celebrate International Women’s Day With Pat Benatar

Today is the day, the day I have been waiting months for, today, I get to see Pat Benatar in concert! When I was younger, I used to have kitchen dance parties, my mother would put on the radio and we’d dance around the kitchen in our socks singing into soup spoons. As a child of the 80’s Pat Benatar was one of my very favorites. “Heartbreaker”, “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”, “Love is a Battlefield”, and of course, “We Belong” all make me what to get up and dance, no matter where I am. Read More Read More
Film discussion: Lion Uncategorized

Film discussion: Lion

Oscar’s self-inflicted wounds are starting to knit together and the temperature of the film world has returned to normal. The trailers at the MallPlexx 28 are wall-to-wall with explosions, comic-book characters, and summer teen-hero crap. Everything, in other words, is back to normal, which means that film lovers are pretty much on their own for a while, unless you count rays of hope like Get Out, which is killing it. Read More Read More

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