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October 17, 2017
From behind the blog, on to the Loft stage


In a few weeks, this is going to be my view as I take the stage to moderate our Writers in the Loft event with Elin Hilderbrand. If you know me, or read this blog regularly, you know I love the Writers Series here at The Music Hall.

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October 13, 2017
Freewave Friday: October 13

freewave friday

Good morning friends! We’re back on the freewaves with more of our favorite artists. This week’s playlist is a mix of new and old favorites.

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October 10, 2017
The Music Hall’s Best-Kept Secret


Why do I love sitting in the balcony at the Historic Theater? Let me count the ways. The sweeping vista of the gorgeous Music Hall interior, from crystal chandelier to historic stage, is unsurpassed. Nearly all the seats have this dazzling view, even in the side rows. Because of the steep pitch of the rows, shorter people like me have clear sightlines from every seat, irregardless if tall people sit in front of us. The acoustics are excellent. There’s an intimacy with the artists, as opposed to the feeling of being in a giant stadium where binoculars are needed when sitting in the balcony.

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October 10, 2017
Save the Date to Start Your Holiday Shopping

online auction

We are now just a little under a month away for our annual online auction going live on October 29th. Today, our Auction Wrangler, Ashleigh Tucker Pollock gave me a sneak peek at some of the amazing items she and her committee have collected. I thought I’d share my good fortune with all of you and give you a little behind the scenes look at the items that you’ll get to bid on.

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October 6, 2017
Freewave Friday: October 6

TLag Freewave Friday

Today, I am excited to launch my new blog series, Freewave Fridays! Each Friday, after my 91.3 WUNH radio show, you can check the music that I played right here on our blog. Creating a playlist for the week is both a process and a labor of love. I often will start out with a few songs that are running around my head—inspired by a performance I just attended or an artist I admire…or a list of new releases that have hit the studio. I carve out several hours a week to listen.

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October 5, 2017
Introducing Freewave Friday’s

Tlag radio

Have you ever wondered what our Deputy Director of Programming & Performing Arts Curator, Thérèse LaGamma, listens to? Well, you’re in luck! Every Friday, Thérèse puts together a playlist for her radio show on WUNH 91.3 (make sure to tune in or stream it from 8-10am every Friday morning) and starting this week you can stream it from our blog or Spotify page every Friday afternoon!

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