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October 26, 2016
Fall Auction Sneak Peek

Fall Music Hall Auction

This week, we’ve been hard at work putting the finishing touches on our annual fall auction that goes live on Sunday! With more than 150 items, there is something for everyone on your list. I thought I’d give you, my loyal blog reader, a sneak peek at some of the items that you can bid on.

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October 19, 2016
It’s beginning to look a lot like Halloween!

Market Scarecrow

It’s that time of year when Portsmouth transitions into Halloween Town, the [Market] Scarecrows are up all over downtown, the leaves are changing colors, and town is full of Halloween activities that all lead up to the beloved parade.

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October 18, 2016
Film discussion: Hell or High Water

Hell or High water

These are hard times for movie Westerns. Not many of them are being made, and the ones that make it out of the major studios (The Adequate Seven?) lack enough conviction to sell their formula or enough imagination to concoct a new one. And that leaves a little hunger in my cinema soul, a wish for some action in a dry, sparse landscape, lawman versus outlaw with a final showdown on a deserted street. *Sigh* What to do, what to do?

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October 12, 2016
#MyMusicHall: Sara Curry

I first met Sara Curry when my friend talked me into taking a Bikram Yoga class at Sara’s studio six years ago. While Bikram ended up being a passing interest of mine, I was thrilled that I got the chance to meet and learn from her. When I landed at The Music Hall, I got the chance to work with her on a very different and much cooler level when she brought the USA Yoga Regional Qualifier to the Historic Theater.

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October 5, 2016
#MyMusicHall: Dean Diggins

With each interview we do for our #MyMusicHall video series, I learn more and more about this history of this incredible theater from the people who were there to rebuild it. Today, I’m so excited to share our conversation with Dean Diggins.

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September 27, 2016
Filling the Hall with local elementary students


Today we had our first School Day’s Series show of our season. This is by far the most adorable programming that we have here at The Music Hall. For just $6 local elementary students come see their favorite books come to life on the Historic Theater’s stage. I love watching all of the kids come in to the theater, some of them for the very first time, dressed in their very best outfits, all bursting with excitement that only a field trip can bring. Looking down from the balcony it always reminds me of a little ant farm watching all of the kids wiggling around in their seats, so excited to see the show.

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