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Classic Hollywood: Ginger Rogers

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Thanks to Our HVAC Capital Campaign Investors! #MyMusicHall

Thanks to Our HVAC Capital Campaign Investors!

Good fortune often falls on The Music Hall. A year before COVID-19 hit, a small committee—led by Gail VanHoy Carolan, our Director of Institutional Advancement, and Mike Pilot as honorary chair—was raising funds for an Infrastructure campaign, where the most urgent of those needs was replacing an antiquated HVAC system. Read More Read More
Valentine Wishes #MyMusicHall

Valentine Wishes

This Valentine’s Day, it’s time to share our love and appreciation. For you, our members. For our major donors and Corporate Partners. For our state representatives who allocated CARES Act funds to The Music Hall and fought for the Save Our Stages Act. For everyone who contributed to our Emergency Relief Fund. For those of you who weren’t able to contribute, but stayed in touch. Read More Read More
Support The Music Hall in Style! #MyMusicHall

Support The Music Hall in Style!

There’s a new way to support The Music Hall while satisfying your need for comfy clothes. That’s right, I’m talking about Music Hall merchandise. Of course, branded Music Hall gear is not new. We’ve had chic messenger bags and silk scarves for a few years now. But pandemic fashion doesn’t really call for such high-end haberdashery, and so once again The Music Hall has adapted for the times. Read More Read More
Our New Series Takes Us Back in Time #MyMusicHall

Our New Series Takes Us Back in Time

The Stage Door Cabaret series is an out-of-the-box way of addressing the challenges of operating a 900-seat theater during a pandemic and as we went about creating it, we realized The Music Hall has interesting histories on both parts of the series’ title “Stage Door” and “Cabaret”!  Read More Read More
Donating is a Win-Win! #MyMusicHall

Donating is a Win-Win!

With Giving Tuesday kicking things off tomorrow, December is the month of giving! Ann Carrns of The New York Times recently highlighted some extra benefits of giving this year, as the CARES Act allows taxpayers to take a deduction up to $300 for cash donations when they file in the spring. Read More Read More
Back in the Theater, Together Once Again #MyMusicHall

Back in the Theater, Together Once Again

I’d love to take a moment to bring you back into the theater with me at our show with Tom Rush. Mid-day on a lovely Sunday afternoon and The Music Hall is a buzz for its first live indoor show since March, with 200 tickets sold! Volunteers and staff members greet folks at the door, smiles crinkling their eyes beneath the masks. Read More Read More

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