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At A Glance: Starting Oct 2023

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A Fire in the Bones, Passion in the Soul #MyMusicHall

A Fire in the Bones, Passion in the Soul

Rarely does one artist reach so many different audiences and genres as Terence Blanchard will in a span of just two weeks. The Grammy Award-winning jazz musician and composer’s adaptation of Charles M. Blow’s memoir will premiere on the Met stage, beaming to The Music Hall on Sunday, October 31. Read More Read More
Looking Back, Looking Forward #MyMusicHall

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Here at The Music Hall, an American Treasure and historic landmark, it feels like history is being made every day inside and outside our doors. New partnerships and collaborations are formed, and artists step onto our stages for the first time. And as we move forward into the 2021-2022 season, we must pay homage to everything that came before us. Read More Read More
Bite-Sized History: Thank Frank Jones #MyMusicHall

Bite-Sized History: Thank Frank Jones

The fifth chapter of Bite-Sized History begins when Frank Jones buys and renovates The Music Hall, then promptly dies. H.W. Hartford purchases the theater, which goes on to host famous touring companies and local acts. Also, hear about the theater's role in the Russo-Japanese peace treaty of 1905.  Read More Read More

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