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At A Glance: Starting April 2024

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Staff Highlights: Sydney Bilodeau Staff Highlights

Staff Highlights: Sydney Bilodeau

Today's post is essentially a love letter to the arts, written by my fellow Marketeer, Sydney Bilodeau. Sydney is our Designer & Email Marketing Manager, so she's the magician behind our weekly enews. And while you might have seen her photographing a show, she definitely saw you dancing along! Read More Read More
Stay Connected To What Matters Most #MyMusicHall

Stay Connected To What Matters Most

For over 140 years, The Music Hall has withstood the test of time, sometimes narrowly, sometimes only just barely, but still, the majestic theater has persevered, thanks to the people who make up the organization—all of you, all of us, and the memories of those who realized laughing, thinking, and experiencing things together are what makes for a rich life. Read More Read More
A Look Back at 2019 #MyMusicHall

A Look Back at 2019

With your support, 2019 at The Music Hall has been amazing. As a member, you invested in The Music Hall and we invested in our community. Thanks to you and our nearly 4,000 other member households, 250 volunteers, 300 regional business supporters, and 60 local community partners, The Music Hall offered our 130,000 patrons 600 live events and film screenings. Read More Read More

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